Zhytomyr shopping center OLDI reinforces its tenant-mix with new operators


The Retail & Development Advisor (RDA) consulting company, an exclusive shopping center’s broker, has formalized the agreement relating to the opening of four new shops in the shopping center OLDI.
As the RDA’s press-service informs, the shopping center OLDI in Zhytomyr enriches itself with tenants. Four new operators started working in the shopping center. It comes to EVA, the largest national network of health-and-beauty stores in Ukraine; jewelry stores chain UkrGold, and a couple of tech retailers Computer Universe and Yabko. 
EVA, UkrGold, and Yabko are located on the first floor within the area of 175 sq. m, 51 sq. m, and 38 sq. m, respectively. Computer Universe covers the area of 90 sq. m, located on the second floor. This is the 80s anniversary store in the retailer’s Ukrainian chain.
“The new outlet has become the 152nd shop in the chain for Ukrainian jewelry brand UkrGold. The interior features branded green and golden colors that make the space look fresh and light. They also harmonize perfectly with light-colored sales and technical equipment. The store is located near the large hypermarkets that provide permanent traffic of customers,” UkrGold notes.
“This brand is organically integrated in the concept of modern shopping center. It play significant role in the extension of its pool of jewelry operators. UkrGold’s acceding to OLDI’s tenant-mix proves its status of a regional leader since it provides the opportunity to buy necessary goods easily and in comfort in the favorite brands’ shops,” Taisia Lytovchenko comments.
According to her, OLDI’s occupancy is already exceeds 80%, considering opened shops, and 85%, given the signed lease agreements. Also, the shopping center’s traffic increases by 10–15% every month.
People’s tiredness from the pandemic and related limitation provides the stable growth of attendance. Besides, such factors as good infrastructure of nearby areas like stadiums, parks, Transfiguration Cathedral, office centers, convenient traffic interchange, and densely populated area are also crucial. 
“We keep working on the improvement of our tenant-mix to offer the most popular and desired brands to Zhytomyr residents. We are focusing on family purchases to make it possible to find all the necessary goods in the same place. That’s why we invite all the national, mono-brand operators, specialty stores, and service centers, bringing together electronics, home appliances, and service within the same location,” Anna Yatsenko, a project manager of the shopping center OLDI from RDA empathized.
Let us remember that Zhytomyr shoppin center OLDI with a total area of 20,000 sq. m started working in 5, Mykhailo Grushevskyi Street, in October 31, 2020. The hardware hypermarket OLDI with the area of nearly 9,000 sq. m and food supermarket Silpo (3,000 sq. m) became its anchor tenants. The store was the first design commercial facility for Silpo network in the city, implemented in the Candy Shop style. 
For further information on tenancy in the shopping center, contact a project manager Hanna Yatsenko, a_yatsenko@rda.ua
Source: rau.ua