Retail&Development Advisor (RDA)* - the best Ukrainian consulting company in the field of commercial real estate

*according to the decision of the Expert Council of RAU Awards 2021 and RAU Awards 2023
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  • We know the multifaceted specifics of the Ukrainian market.
  • We have significant experience in successfully solving extremely complex problems.
  • We maintain long-term friendly relations with many market players.
  • We combine experienced industry experts into a powerful team of like-minded people.
Our strengths
  • Team
  • Experience
  • Reputation
  • Innovations
Our Team
Olexander Fialka

managing partner

17 years еxperience on real estate market

We develop business in Ukraine and contribute to the success of our clients by combining global expertise with deep understanding of the local market.

Andrii Zhuk


22 years of experience in the real estate market

RDA has a powerful team of specialists, which it managed to preserve despite the war, as well as an undeniable authority on the Ukrainian market. Thanks to this, the company has the opportunity to effectively help with the development of many retailers.

Bogdan Grechnyi


13 years еxperience on real estate market

RDA contributes to the fact that Ukrainian businesses become stronger and more successful, and that shopping centers and street retail have as little vacancy as possible and a high-quality mix of tenants, attractive to the end consumer.

Andrii Lototskyi


20 years еxperience on real estate market

I am deeply convinced that the success of any business primarily depends on the team, its professionalism, values ​​and ideas. Businesses whose teams are united by intangible values ​​are much more likely to survive and strengthen.

Alina Abramtseva

commercial real estate manager

10 years еxperience on real estate market

Teamwork is the ability to direct individual efforts toward a common goal to reach it altogether.

Oleg Klopov

office real estate manager

11 years еxperience on real estate market

Shopping centres encourage healthy retail competition and promote new brands and technologies.
Anna Yatsenko

commercial real estate manager

14 years еxperience on real estate market

In any business, the winner is the one, who feels the needs of the customer better and the one, who satisfies them. Really great ones understand the needs of the customer before the customer realizes them.
Victoria Podik

10 years еxperience on real estate market

Commercial real estate is a key element of the economic landscape that connects entrepreneurs, investors and consumers into a single space of opportunity and success.

Natalia Shevchenko

marketing & pr

7 years еxperience on real estate market

In a consulting company, marketing is an integral part of the development strategy. It helps not only to attract new customers, but also to demonstrate expertise, convince of the quality of services and establish long-term partnerships, which are the basis for the success and growth of the company.

Kirill Kravchenko

head of Office Brokerage Depatment

10 years еxperience on real estate market


Offices are no longer a place to work, society is moving towards cooperation. They are now platforms for networking, collaboration, company creation and industry-changing solutions. One location includes office infrastructure, an area for holding events, places for recreation.

They trust us
  • Retail
  • Shopping Malls
  • Business Centers