For the delivery to the store: How collaboration with Meest Ukraine helps retailers increase sales

The opening of Meest post offices in partner network stores enables companies to promptly attract new customers and increase sales. Post offices have been opened in 15 different chain stores for the last four months. 
Two in One
The new normal reality, which is now so often mentioned in the description of the future of retail after the pandemic, assumes a maximum speed and convenience of shopping. Time becomes the most valuable resource, and customers’ emotions are the main motor trade. 
The partnership of the Meest post-logistic service and chain stores corresponds to both criteria. Such collaboration allows clients to visit the post office and the shop at a time. No wonder nearly 4,000 outlets are involved in the project on the launch of Meest. 
With support from the Retail & Development Advisor (RDA) Consulting Company, Pchelka Market, Rodnik patrol station, Econom-market, KOLO, Salut, Mobilni Fishki, “Two Steps Away from Home,” Hostynnyi Dim, Pharmacy Zi (medical equipment), Shyk I Blysk, Sviy Market, OnePrice, Rukavychka, and Avrora have joined the project since this March.
BOX Express Market, Schodnya, and Torba chains plan to join on short notice. Besides, the post-logistic operator opened the department at OKKO chain patrol stations nearly three years ago. In addition, it has recently launched offices at KLO patrol stations. 
Mutual Benefits
Postal collaboration with Meest is a great opportunity for commercial networks to provide their customers with extra delivery service. In its turn, this approach helps extend target audiences and turn them into real buyers. According to the stats, nearly 85% of addressees and senders make purchases in these shops. 
Apart from the increase of an average check, turnover, and attraction of new customers, the retailer increases its brand’s awareness and customers’ loyalty. 
There is another point of the mutually beneficial partnership. In fact, post offices in stores are a social project. Since the chain store involved in the project promotes the delivery market development in Ukraine and its competition, postal-logistic services for individuals feature increased quality. Note that sending and getting deliveries through all Meest offices in Ukraine are free for individuals across the country since March to August this year. In this way, either a sender or an addressee doesn’t have to pay for Meest services. Besides, speed delivery between regional centers is 24 hours when sent. 
The social element of this business is crucial for modern customers and youth in particular since they are future primary clients. 
Extra Benefits
Retailers can save on postal expenses. For example, Meest’s partners will get the opportunity to move their papers or goods between stores at partner prices, meaning ₴18 with MPE for a single parcel up to 10 kg. In other words, it becomes possible to send “a cookie box and a jar of jam” to the store out of product.
Of course, each chain is unique. That’s why the implementation of the post office may differ, regarding the format or extra services in the chain store. For instance, if it comes to supermarkets, post offices operate through express checkouts (so-called tobacco checkouts) or self-checkout.
All payments are carried out at the counter in shops near home and patrol stations. So, that is also a place for sending and getting deliveries. Various stores have different peculiarities, using them in their cooperation with Meest. For example, the Pchelka market has an interesting experience. It means that every customer can send or get delivery within the food-court, buying a cup of delicious coffee or brand pastry. 
For now, there are no restrictions when choosing locations for cooperation with Meest and chain stores. All parcels are stored in brand boxes provided by a postal operator. In its turn, this box is placed in the parcel area (for example, at the counter) and takes nearly 0.5–1 sq. m since the office deals only with small-sized parcels up to 10 kg that has dimensions no more than 59х35х18 cm.
So, such collaboration is available for all who want to provide an extra service. To join the postal-logistic project Meest, please contact +38 (067) 60 60 965, e-mail: n_kolodii@rda.ua
Source: rau.ua