With the fixed price: a new Ukrainian coffeehouse chain is growing in Kyiv

The key feature of the new project – coffee, drinks, and food are offered to the guests at the same fixed prices: 20 UAH and 35 UAH.
Retail & Development Advisor (RDA) – a partner of COFEFI in search of premises for opening coffee shops – the first object of the new network started working in Kyiv Trade & Entertainment Centre Ashan in Petrivka Street in July 2020. Later, COFEFI launched two more coffee shops in the capital – at the Station Square and Oasis Shopping Centre.
As the company said, there are two price levels in the coffee shops: the main product range is sold at a fixed price of 20 UAH. Premium products and coffee Grand cost 35 UAH. The menu contains more than 90 items at fixed prices, from coffee and coffee-based beverages to sandwiches, bakeries, and even full lunches. 
This is the first such concept in the Ukrainian market, the initial feedback confirms the consumer’s increased. Since the chain’s launch, the company has already sold 21,000 cups of coffee and over 5,500 desserts. “The excellent value for money is the supreme principle laid down in the new concept. The menu offers a wide range of drinks and dishes: coffee, tea, matcha, freshly squeezed juices, sandwiches, soup, salads, cheese, quiche, and more.
The company monitors closely the quality of the products sold, trends, and is sensitive to feedback from guests. Despite the difficult time for the restaurant industry, the guests like the concept, with growth in enrolment and positive reviews,” Taisia Lytovchenko, CEO of RDA, comments.
In the short term, the company intends to continue the chain’s development. Concepts for objects’ several formats have already been drawn up: from islands with an area of 12-15 sq. m in the shopping center up to full-fledged coffee shops of up to 50 sq. m in the street-retail area. Now COFEFI is actively searching for locations to open new stores negotiating with food and beverages suppliers interested in a long-term cooperation.
For further information on tenancy, please contact:
Alina Abramtseva
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