What discounts and advantageous offers is the business willing to make to attract customers in times of pandemic and crisis?

What can you save during the quarantine period? Sneak peek: buy clothes, order two-in-one meals, and get the measure of new building projects.
What discounts and advantageous offers is the business willing to make to attract customers in times of pandemic and crisis?
The market of fashion retail has been considerably reduced during the quarantine period. Yevgenia Loktionova, CEO of UTG, LIGA.net claims 80% of trade lost. Accessories, clothing, and shoe stores have failed to sell their spring lines; that’s why they have to offer sale prices. 
According to Taisia Lytovchnko, CEO of Retail & Development Advisor, the stores cut prices up to 70% to save for another shipment.
Loktionova says that mostly each fashion retailer features an interesting offer. It’s possible to find stuff from past seasons at the 20%–70% discounts in the “Outlet” section of the Waikiki website. Goods from new collections at a reduced price are also there. 
You can buy an old collection from Puma’s operator with up to 70% discount. Besides, the stores offer such new bonuses as a 5-percent discount when paying with a bank card. 
The book and toy retailers also offer discounts during the quarantine.
Lytovchnko states that consumers still suffer from a fear of visiting large malls. Besides, they are willing to save, as in the past. It will take at least a year to boost sales up to the pre-quarantine period. 
Restaurants and Cafes
The restaurants are going through a tough time. Olga Nasonova, CEO of the Restaurant Consulting Company, tells that only 15% of the capital facilities could adjust themselves to the requirements of catering in times of pandemic. However, they were doing badly since the orders fell to 70%.
Despite the recession of the purchasing power, the all-out closure of cafes and restaurants hasn’t happened. The expert claims that only 100 facilities (near 10% of the restaurant market) became inefficient and reported losses.
Those who have survived the tough quarantine and have opened since May 11, try to get their clients back and make lucrative offers. For example, they perform 1+1 action where you can get extra meals for free or the discount for the next order. As Olga Nasonova explains, most of the summer restaurants and cafes decreased the price by 5% or just removed pricy items from the menus. 
Real Estate 
April became the hardest month for the primary real estate market. Roman Gerasimchuk, CEO of City Development Solutions consulting company, tells that most of the market participants assess a drop in demand by 70–90%. However, he thinks that the situation is getting better, and some sales departments can boast significant progress. 
Developers worked out the so-called crisis response. Integral-Bud tells that it deals with discounts, the easing of conditions for the installment (3-month repayment holidays), renovation as a gift, and the currency peg at 25–26 hryvnias per dollar. 
However, people shouldn’t count on significant discounts.
Integral-Bud states that if you note the non-marketable discount, you should think about its prosperity and check its finances, reputation, and construction dynamics.
Currently, the cost of the primary real estate market decreased by 5%–7%, but Gerasymchul is sure that the prices will soar after the lifting of quarantine. 
Kyivmiskbud explains that the developers will renounce the fixed exchange rate and increase housing prices in step with the growing strength of the United States dollar.