Zhytomyr Mall OLDI Opening

Construction hypermarket, Silpo in a new format, a large furniture shop JYSK, electronics supermarket Eldorado, and other operators. What will be the new OLDI mall in the center of Zhitomyr?
The press service of the company Retail & Development Advisor, which is the exclusive broker of the Zhytomyr Trade Center OLDI, claims that the mall’s construction is at its final stage. The site opening, located in Victory Square, 10, in the heart of Zhitomyr, is planned already in November of the current year. The mall’s total area will be more than 18,000 sq. M. m, of which 16,000 sq. m. m will be leased.
According to project manager Anna Yatsenko, the occupancy rate of the complex exceeds 65%. By the time of the complex opening, the company intends to reach 75-80% by gradually adding new tenants. The construction hypermarket OLDI with an area of ​​about 8,300 sq. m, the grocery supermarket Silpo, which will open in a new format on an area of ​​2600 sq. m. m, Danish Home Depot JYSK (1230 sq. m), and Eldorado household appliance and electronics store (700 sq. m) are among the mall’s “anchors.”
Besides, rental agreements have already been signed with MYplay children’s store, mobile operators Kyivstar and Vodafone, Jabko Store, PrivatBank, Daisy pharmacy, and pet-goods store Master Zoo.
Anna Yatsenko notes that the concept of the complex includes a family shopping center creation and a suitable tenant-mix building. Therefore, there will be no traditional fashion gallery in the mall. The pool of tenants will consist of commercial operators and services, which can match the visitors ’daily living needs.
“In the current reality of Covid-19 and quarantine, people try to reduce their exposure to public places. As the rhythm and pace of life are speeding up, consumers are no longer ready to spend a large amount of time on shopping. So, they switch to online purchases. Therefore, we want to open and offer our clients a place, where they can spend quality time, satisfying all the basic needs. The latter means buying products in the Silpo supermarket, enhancing their housing by visiting the OLDI construction supermarket with the extended assortment (about 50,000 items), or the JYSK furniture store, choosing any home appliances in Eldorado, and so on. ” Anna Yatsenko says.
According to her, jewelry, textile, tableware, optical stores, outlets with impulse goods, and a cozy food court will also operate at the mall. For the convenience of motorists, a parking lot for more than 200 vehicles will be established next to the shopping center. At the same time, the mall is about 10 –15-minute drive away thanks to its central location.
RDA also notes a high demand for the vacant premises in OLDI due to the shortage of quality commercial real estate in Zhytomyr. Only a large-format shopping center Global.ua with close-to-zero vacancy operates in a regional center with a population of over 250,000 people. That’s why retailers are interested in new projects with quality commercial premises.