Major construction: which malls are already being built in the regions of Ukraine (presentation)

In the next three years the opening of eight shopping and shopping and entertainment centers with a total area of ​​more than 180,000 square meters is announced in the regions of Ukraine. m. Where they will work and what will be their advantages.
For a long time almost the only source of replenishment of supply in the commercial real estate market of Ukraine was cities with millionaires. However, with the saturation of large cities with high-quality retail spaces, developers are gradually reorienting their attention to regions with little competition and growing purchasing power. With the beginning of the great war and the resettlement of a significant number of Ukrainians to the central and western regions provoked by it, they began to look more promising for market players. During the RAU Expo 2024 exhibition, the Retail & Development Advisor (RDA) company presented eight commercial real estate projects planned for opening in the next 2-3 years. RDA CEO Andriy Lototskyi shared the details of these facilities, their launch dates and key benefits for retail players.
Family Mall shopping center
  • Location: Stryi (Lviv region), st. Bolehivska, 2
  • GBA: 31,726 sq. m
  • GLA: 18,542 sq.m
  • The declared date of commissioning: IV quarter of 2025
The two-store shopping center Family Mall will become a modern shopping and entertainment center of the city and, obviously, will claim the status of a regional not exclusively a city shopping center. It is assumed that the coverage area of ​​the object will include key resort settlements located within one hour of driving. In particular, Morshyn (12 km), Zhydachiv (28 km), Drohobych (29 km), Skole (39 km), Truskavets (40 km) and Slavske (67 km). Taking into account this circumstance, two large parking lots are planned to be built as part of the construction of the shopping center: surface (for 180 parking spaces) and underground (for 275 parking spaces). The latter will also serve as a shelter for visitors during air raids, which is especially relevant in the context of Russian terrorist attacks on Ukrainian cities.
Due to its successful location, Family Mall will capture not only the transit flow of the Kyiv-Chop route, but also the pedestrian traffic of the central part of the city. In addition, a significant part of city and intercity public transport will stop directly in front of the shopping center, which will additionally provide it with about 5,000 customers per day. Among the "anchors" of the facility will be a grocery supermarket and a children's entertainment center, which are already at the final stage of signing lease agreements.
Shopping center Kvartal City
  • Location: Lviv, st. Shevchenko, 313
  • GBA: 49,330 sq. m
  • GLA: 21400 sq.m
  • Declared date of commissioning: 1st quarter of 2027
Another large-scale shopping center in Western Ukraine is planned to open in early 2027 on the outskirts of the city. The Kvartal City shopping center project involves the construction of a four-story building with multi-level and underground parking for 523 cars. It is also planned to arrange a large walking area on the front side of the shopping center.
The developer of the facility intends to implement a large-scale food court area of ​​more than 2,000 square meters in the shopping center and a modern 4-screen cinema with an area of ​​2,100 square m. And the process of signing a well-known children's entertainment center with an area of ​​3,000 square m has already reached the final stage.
Shopping center Ukraine
  • Location: Uzhhorod, square Cyril and Methodius
  • GBA: 20,434 sq. m
  • GLA: 11,710 sq.m. m
  • The declared date of commissioning: the first quarter of 2025
The four-story shopping mall Ukraine will have more than 20,000 square meters. m of area, of which almost 12,000 sq. m will be allocated for rent. The anchor tenants of the mall will be a grocery supermarket with an area of ​​about 3,000 square meters. m, a modern cinema, a food court, as well as well-known retail chains of clothing, perfumery, jewelry, etc. in Ukraine. Among them are the brands of the Polish fashion group LPP (Reserved, House), Brocard store and others.
In general, the occupancy rate of shopping malls is growing rapidly - as of the end of June, only about 15% of rental spaces remain vacant. Within the scope of the project, it is also planned to implement surface and underground parking lots for 183 and 164 parking spaces respectively.
Shopping center Rosvygivskyi
  • Location: Mukachevo (Transcarpathian region), str. Rosvyhivska
  • GBA: 8485 sq. m
  • GLA: 5082 sq.m
  • The declared date of commissioning: the first quarter of 2025
Already at the beginning of next year the three-storу Rosvygivskyi shopping center will open in Mukachevo. The main competitive advantage of the shopping center will be its location. It will be located within walking distance to the city center (2.2 km), the central market (1.7 km), the bus station (3.5 km) and the railway station (4 km). Additional visitors to the shopping center will also be provided by the proximity of the international highway Kyiv - Chop. The leased area of ​​the shopping center will be more than 5,000 square m and the main anchors of the facility will be the Alma grocery supermarket with an area of ​​1,300 square meters. m, as well as Sinsay, House and Sport City stores.
Shopping center A7
  • Location: Ivano-Frankivsk, str. Halytska, 57
  • GBA: 10,000 sq. m
  • GLA: 7500 sq.m
  • The announced date of commissioning: the first quarter of 2025
In March 2025 the A7 shopping center will open in Ivano-Frankivsk. The new modern commercial real estate facility will organically fit into the historical part of the city, being located 450 meters from the Central Town Hall and near the railway station. The total area of ​​the four-store shopping center will be 10,000 square m, and commercial - 7,500 sq. m. In parallel with construction works in the shopping center, the process of signing preliminary agreements with tenants has already begun.
The Retail & Development Advisor company has already announced that among them will be well-known Ukrainian brands Sinsay, Fly Kids and a number of other operators.
Shopping center A5
  • Location: Ivano-Frankivsk, str. Khotynska - str. Belvedere
  • GBA: 4119 sq. m
  • GLA: more than 3000 sq.m
  • The announced date of commissioning: the third quarter of 2024
Another shopping center in Ivano-Frankivsk is planned to open this year. Shopping center A5 is located within a modern residential complex in a densely populated residential area of ​​the city. Its main advantages will be the pedestrian accessibility of the residents of the area, busy car traffic and developed infrastructure around.
According to preliminary data, the anchor operator of the shopping center will be the store of the new network of the Epicenter group of companies - Epicenter Express.
Warshawsky shopping mall
  • Location: Ternopil, str. Podvolochyske highway
  • GBA: 26,285 sq. m
  • GLA: 15209 sq.m
  • The declared date of commissioning: IV quarter of 2026
The Warshawsky shopping and entertainment center in Ternopil is being built in the southeast of the central part of the city. It will have convenient access to major transport highways and infrastructure. In particular, the international route M 012 (Stryy-Ternopil-Kropyvnytskyi-Znamyanka), which is a component of the European route E50 passes by the object. Also the shopping center will border the neighborhoods of Skhidny, Kanada, and Sonachny. The structure of the shopping center will have surface and underground parking for 339 cars and a full-fledged bus station. The latter will provide the mall with additional traffic of 5-6 thousand visitors per day. The successful location of the city's first format mall will ensure its popularity, which is already confirmed by the demand of national and international operators. As for the anchor tenants the DRC and an entertainment area unique to Ternopil with an area of ​​7,500 square meters are at the signing stage.
Shopping center Bogun City
  • Location: Vinnytsia, Heroiv Chornobyla avenue, 1
  • GBA: 24,952 sq. m
  • GLA: 14,275 sq.m
  • The announced date of commissioning: 2027
One of the most ambitious commercial real estate projects in Ukraine is planned to be implemented in Vinnytsia. It is planned to build a multifunctional complex Bogun City with a total area of ​​almost 57,500 square meters here on Heroiv Chernobyl Avenue. It will include a 22-store business center (GBA 14,215 sq. m), a 4-star hotel with 150 rooms (GBA 6,548 sq. m), residential apartments (GBA 11,725 ​​sq. m) and a large four-level retail -Entertainment Center. The latter will occupy an area of ​​almost 25,000 square meters. m (GLA - 14,275 sq. m).
It is assumed that a grocery supermarket, an entertainment area, a food court and a fitness club will operate within the complex. At the same time, the high attendance of the shopping center will be ensured not only by synergy with office, hotel and residential real estate, but also by the very good location of the object. After all, Bogun City will be implemented at the intersection of important transport arteries of Vinnytsia and within walking distance to the city center, bus and railway stations.