OLDI Shopping Center and Ukraine’s first designer Silpo Opened in Zhytomyr

On October 31, the OLDI shopping center with the same-name construction hypermarket and Silpo grocery store were inaugurated in In Zhytomyr, on Mikhail Grushevsky Street, 5.
The new shopping center’s total area is more than 20,000 sq. m. The construction hypermarket OLDI and supermarket chain Silpo, one of the Ukrainian market’s leaders of food retail that has opened the city’s first designer supermarket, became the main “anchors.” The latter occupies nearly 3,000 sq. m and is realized in the Candy Shop style, which is a clear hint of installation on the entrance. The decoration of the store includes marshmallows, caramel, ice cream cones, cotton candy clouds, and other sweets.
“In the city of sweets we could not open any other Silpo, but only Candy Shop. We remembered all the legendary candies – Squirrel, Rachki, Meteor, and Bird Milk. Then our artists rethought them and created unique sweet illustrations in the mall. Of course, we went beyond that and added other classic and modern sweets to the décor.” Kateryna Oguryaeva, Marketing Director of Silpo, comments. 
The new supermarket traditionally offers a wide range of products. Besides candies in the decorations and confectionery department, buyers enjoy many choices of fresh vegetables and fruits, freshly baked pastries, small farms’ products in the Tradition Shop, fish, and meat departments, groceries, and much more.
Both regular cash registers and self-service terminals have been installed to serve customers. The company has also opened a recycling point at this commercial site. For example, colored tanks for separate waste collection can be easily found near the installation already mentioned. We note that the Silpo chain has expanded to 270 supermarkets with the opening of the new one in Zhytomyr. Over 60 stores are designed in different thematic styles.
Apart from the supermarket of Silpo chain, the same-name construction hypermarket OLDI with an assortment of more than 50,000 SKU started working on October 31. It covers an area of about 9,000 sq. m. According to Anna Yatsenko from RDA, Project Manager in OLDI, other key tenants will open next month. “In particular, it is about the Danish home shopping network JYSK, which will take more than 1,200 sq. m, the supermarket of household appliances and electronics Eldorado with an area of over 700 sq. m., Myplay (275 sq. m), and Cubi (455 sq. m) shops for children will be also there,” Anna Yatsenko says.
As for the first floor, other small commercial operators will be there besides the hypermarket OLDI and the supermarket Silpo. It comes to the pet store Master Zoo (70 sq. m), communication operators Vodafone (40 sq. m) and Kyivstar (30 sq. m), pharmacy Byla Romashka (100 sq. m), craft beer shop Beerville (30 sq. m), jewelry store Ukrzoloto (50 sq. m), and others.
According to the OLDI’s co-founder Oleg Dolgozvyag, the new facility in Zhytomyr became the first commercial center built by the company. According to the businessperson, a good location in the central part of the city, the concept of a “family” shopping center oriented to providing the visitors’ everyday needs ensure the mall’s success.
“We are sure that synergy with the food supermarket, large furniture, and electronics stores allows achieving maximum efficiency for all project participants. Thanks to the relevant concept’s development and RDA Company’s top-notch brokerage, our visitors will be able to purchase products in Silpo, a wide range of building materials and household goods in OLDI, furniture in JYSK, equipment in Eldorado, cosmetics, and household chemistry from drogerie-retailers,” Dolgozvyag notes.
In his turn, Andrei Samoilov, the OLDI Deputy Operating Director, draws attention to the fact that the child products’ area on the second floor of the shopping center will further strengthen the “family” shopping center concept. “Besides, the project includes a small food court and a restaurant. In this way, visitors can make all necessary purchases and have a good meal in restaurants that start working after the after the quarantine ends.” Samoilov adds. 
The co-owner of OLDI Oleg Dolgovzyag says that the company plans the chain’s further development, considering the construction of the shopping centers in other country’s regions. We believe that the niche of small family malls is very promising, and this format will gain popularity in Ukraine. So, we are currently considering the possibilities for implementing such projects with tan area up to 25,000 sq. m,” the businessman stressed. 
For further information on tenancy in OLDI, please contact project manager Anna Yatsenko: 067 904 45 80, a_yatsenko@rda.ua
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