Polish brand Greenpoint is coming to Ukraine

The fast-growing fashion brand Greenpoint plans to open 20 franchise stores in Ukraine in 2024.
The Polish brand Greenpoint is a fast-growing chain of women's clothing stores. Its first store was opened in Krakow in 1992, and now the company's network has 219 outlets in Poland. At the same time, the brand is successfully developing a franchise project: more than half of the retailer's stores (124) are partnered.
In addition to Poland, the brand is represented in Slovakia, Romania, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Italy, Spain and Croatia. However, in these markets, the company sells through the e-commerce channel - partner marketplaces.
Thus, Ukraine will become the first foreign market with physical stores of the Polish brand. As noted in the company Retail&Development Advisor (RDA), which acts as the exclusive agent and partner of Greenpoint in Ukraine, Polish fashion brands and online platforms demonstrate good results in Ukraine, which became a significant factor in Greenpoint's decision to enter the Ukrainian market.
"For a long time, we conducted negotiations, provided analytical data regarding the behavior and state of retail in Ukraine, the number of new shopping centers, the demographic situation, etc. In the end, the company decided to develop a partner business in Ukraine. Currently, options are being considered for both the sale of the master franchise and regional franchises to several partners. In turn, the RDA company will conduct a search for a franchisee, provide negotiation support, and perform a consulting function for Greenpoint," says RDA CEO Andriy Lototskyi.
According to him, the terms of the franchise from Greenpoint are quite loyal compared to most fashion players, and the company is ready to individually approach contracts with franchisees. The Polish brand does not set requirements for the purchase of equipment from them or the amount of investment per square meter. There are only technical requirements and a brand book that must be followed, and all equipment and materials franchisees can be produced in Ukraine.
At the same time, the franchisor receives support from the company at all levels of its activity. It covers both the design of the premises, the organization of the opening and the initial training of the staff, as well as the ordering of goods, marketing support and free advertising materials. In addition, Greenpoint provides a design of furniture, color scheme and lighting in the store with the possibility of supplying the initial equipment. And professional visual merchandisers provide assistance in the placement and display of goods, as well as in window dressing.
The target audience of the brand is well-educated and professionally active women in the age category of 30+ who prefer classic, restrained and universal clothing styles. The company has 4 clothing styles in its portfolio (casual, business casual, sport and nightwear), updating the collections twice a year. According to Andrii Lototskyi, the general director of RDA, taking into account the range, price category and format (on average, the area of stores is 100-150 square meters), Greenpoint will enter into direct competition with such brands as Vovk, Must Have and Orsay on the Ukrainian market.
"The brand has an excellent assortment, price category, design and quality. We will help secure good locations. These are the main factors needed for success. In 2024, the company aims to open 20 stores in Ukraine, and in the following years their number may increase several times. First of all, the company is aimed at development in Kyiv and the western regions of the country. But in general, Greenpoint is ready to open stores in settlements with a population of 30,000 or more, which greatly expands the potential geography development of the network", - notes Lototskyi.
The top manager of RDA adds that Greenpoint is primarily interested in opening stores in shopping centers, as this format is more understandable for the company's management. At the same time, Greenpoint is ready to consider street retail premises if they meet the brand's requirements (a main shopping street with a large flow of customers and ground floor premises with a window and entrance from the main thoroughfare).
Certificate. Greenpoint is a Polish fashion brand that has been designing and manufacturing women's clothing and accessories for over 30 years. Currently, the company's network includes 219 retail outlets in Poland, 124 of which operate under franchise conditions. In 2022, greenpoint stores were visited by 9.5 million people, and the total annual sales, including international markets, amounted to more than 2.5 million products.
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