Four-level HIT MALL opens in Kyiv

A 4-level XIT MALL with NOVUS supermarket will open in Kyiv. Retail & Development Advisor is the new capital shopping center’s broker.
The opening of the XIT MALL near Zhytomyrska metro station is planned for spring 2021. Novus supermarket will become the anchor tenant of the mall. The site will be located in 134/1 Victory Avenue. The total area of the four-level complex will be about 16,000 sq. m, the rental square is going to be 9600 sq. m. Apart from the supermarket, the mall will accommodate up to 80 shops, restaurants, and cafeterias. At the same time, there will be a spacious shopping gallery with a modern interior, direct access from the metro station, and a parking lot for 180 vehicles.
“Zhytomyrska Metro district is one of the capital’s critical traffic junctions, connecting Kyiv with the populated and actively visited suburban zone. The Kyiv – Lviv International track is also launched here. Thus, the mall’s target audience will be not only residents of the surrounding houses or suburbs but also transit passengers,” the project manager comments.
According to her, the location’s total daily traffic is about 140,000 people a day, including the residents of the nearest houses (24,000 people), the Zhytomyrska metro station’s passenger flow (36,000 people a day), and the Victory Avenue’s traffic leaving Kyiv. The new shopping mall can count on good attendance, and its tenants might be sure of a consistently high level of sales on both weekends and weekends. 
Let’s note that the XIT MALL’s construction started already in 2018, and the facility’s commissioning is scheduled for spring 2021.
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