The first LUNA lingerie store opened in TEC Retroville in Ukraine

Ukrainian brand of modern basic underwear Luna Lingerie opened in the capital TEC Retroville. Retail & Development Advisor RDA brokered when signing the rental contract.
As the press center of RDA informs, the store should have started in April. However, its opening was moved to May because of COVID-19 and quarantine. The LUNA store consists of 55 sq. m retail space. Female undergarments and knitwear (vests, bodies, and pajamas) are among the goods on offer. 
“We focus on the store’s visual design to make it pleasant for women to be there, try on, and buy lingerie. Besides, we put great emphasis on staff. Hence, we guarantee top-level service. Moreover, we plan to create a new level of service and professionalism in Kyiv,” Kyrylo Shkolnikov, Marketing Director in LUNA chain store, commented. 
The company stressed that it actively collaborates with the Ukrainian online audience. It also states that the brand’s main features are modernity, style, and comfort. In its view, no other Ukrainian company doesn’t pay so much attention to basic lingerie. 
LUNA wants to develop the chain in the largest cities of the country, like Dnipro, Kharkiv, and Odesa after the shop opens in Kyiv. The retailer plans to launch at least five stores in the next two years.
“Retroville is one of the most modern and technological commercial facilities in the country. That’s why we understand that only the best Ukrainian and foreign brands should be presented there. Vsi Svio, MTI Group with its Intertop, Ecco, Skechers, and Timberland stores, are already working there. DeFacto, LC Waikiki, House, Cropp, Walker, Voronin, Colin’s, Sinsay and dozens of other Ukrainian and foreign brands are also present. We believe that Luna Lingerie will become a high-quality add-on to Retroville’s pool of tenants and a pleasant surprise for all inhabitants of Vynogradar, nearby neighborhoods, and urban townships,” Alina Abramtseva, a project manager of commercial real estate in RDA, commented. 
“While collaborating with RDA, we made sure that real professionals work in this company. They didn’t make a fuss but met all our needs and requirements promptly. We liked this interaction very much,” Luna Lingerie added. 
For more information on tenancy in TEC Retroville, please contact Alina Abramtseva, a_abramtseva@rda.ua, 095 834 7073
Source: rau.ua