The largest sport shopping center TEMP will open in Khmelnytskyi

Four-story shopping center TEMP will open atop an abandoned part of a self-titled plant in autumn 2022. Sports stores, food supermarkets, and fashion-retailers will work there. Besides, the first McDonald’s will open nearby. 
The news comes from the Retail & Development Advisor (RDA) Company that is implementing a project to renovate this building, develop a concept, and form tenant-mix. 
TEMP will be launched in the format of sports outlet and take nearly 30,000 sq. m. 18,000 sq. m will be reserved for tenancy. Apart from a commercial component, sports complex, tennis courts, children's development center, and family restaurant are expected to be in this shopping center. Class-A offices will occupy a significant area (4,300 sq. m) since they are acutely felt in the city. RDA states that these components’ synergy will allow unleashing the potential of this location and reach the target efficiency on short notice.
Shopping center is located on the territory of abandoned machine-building plant “Temp” at 99/2A Peace Avenue. Strategic traffic interchange is nearby. It is convenient for city guests from Kyiv and Vinnytsia directions and connects a new neighborhood “Ozerna” to a city business center. “Podillya” arboretum, a popular spot for family rest, is also near the mall. In this way, the mall's location is convenient for shopping, sporting activities, and business. Moreover, a large parking for 285 cars will be accessible near the mall.
Retail & Development Advisor (RDA) negotiates with food chain Silpo about the deployment of unique design supermarket, home appliances and electronics chain store Eldorado, Polish fashion-giant  LLP that develops SinSay, Reserved, and Cropp stores, Adidas, a flagship sports brand, and others. Some sport & outdoor chain retailers have already confirmed their interests in this project. 
RDA also notes that the first in KhmelnŠ½tsky international chain restaurant McDonald’s will open soon not far from the mall and provide a new complex with additional traffic. 
Natalia Bortnik, a project manager, said that mall’s renovation starts in June. “While developing this project, we have considered all customer’s wishes and relied on previous successful experience. There are many malls’ implemented concepts in different regions of Ukraine in our portfolio. It includes Zhytomyr shopping center OLDI, TEC Appolo in Dnipro, and TEC Zlata Plaza in Rivne. Their concepts’ audit and re-conception allow reaching positive financial dynamics and constant increase in turnover,” Natalia Bortnik says.
In its turn, the investment company “Mega”, the customer of the construction, draws attention to the fact that Khmelnytskyi suffers from the lack of quality commercial space. Most shopping facilities are outdated, have small areas, and just a few brands presented. Of course, this is not enough to meet the demand of almost 300,000 customers.
“That’s why a mid-scale shopping facility’s construction in a valid format of sport outlet, high-quality conception, and profile tenant-mix will be called upon by the city. We are glad that a professional team of the TDA Company is responsible for this project. It has an excellent experience in facilities’ re-conception and carefully works out every detail,” Mykhailo Gvozdiov, a project owner, notes. 
For more information on tenancy in “TEMP” mall, please contact Natalia Bortnik: _bortnyk@rda.ua, 063 999 24 97
Source: rau.ua