What a four-level shopping center might be in Khmelnytsyi (presentation)

Alexander Fialka, a partner of RDA, and Natakia Bortnik, a project manager in RDA, tell about Temp, a new shopping center planned to be opened in autumn 2022.
A four-story shopping center Temp is located on the territory of deserted machine-building plant “Temp” in 99/2A Peace Avenue, Khmelnytsky. At RAU EXPO-2021, the most significant summit of retailers of our country hosted by Retailers Association in Ukraine, Alexander Fialka, a partner of RDA, and Natakia Bortnik, a project manager in RDA, presented a new commercial real estate item in details. We post key points from their statement.
Format and Operators
The shopping center Temp will be realized in the format of the sports outlet and occupy nearly 30,000 sq. m. 18,000 sq. m of this area will be leased. Sports stores, food supermarket, and fashion retailers are announced among key operators. 
The Retail & Development Advisor (RDA) Company implements a project, creates a concept, and forms tenant-mix of the future shopping center. It also negotiates with food network Silpo, home appliances and electronics retailer Eldorado, Polish fashion-giant LPP that develops SinSay, Reserved, Cropp stores, flagship sports brand Adidas, and other chain stores. Besides, the first in Khmelytsky restaurant McDonald’s will open near the object in the short term.
Apart from the retailers, sports complex, tennis courts, children’s educational center, family restaurant are planned to locate in the shopping center. A-list offices, shortages of which are acutely felt in the city, will occupy a significant area of 4,300 sq. m.
Parking and Location
A driveway to this complex are forming already to promote the opening up of the international chain restaurant McDonald’s planned for August 5, 2021. It’s also planned to renovate the open-air ground-based parking for 285 vehicles. All that stuff will create the unhindered driveway to the shopping center and enough parking spots for comfortable shopping.
A popular among townies arboretum Podillya is located not far from the object. In synergy with McDonald’s, they will provide more traffic for the new complex. Besides, a strategic traffic interchange is right next to the shopping center Temp. It connects a new residential area Ozerna to a central business part of the city. Besides, it is convenient for guests from Kyiv and Vinnytsia.
Repair and construction work in the shopping center started in June 2021, and it will last nearly a year.
Commercial areas in the shopping center Temp are not planned to sale, unlike other stated to be opened malls. In this way, the project will safe he integrity of the concept and its proper management. 
For more information on tenancy in the Temp mall, please contact Natalia Bortnik: n_bortnyk@rda.ua, 063 999 24 97
Source: rau.ua