The Shopping Center OLDI

The shopping center OLDI is one of the largest malls in Zhytomyr, located in business and historical areas of the city. Retail & Development Advisor (RDA) is an exclusive broker of the shopping center.
OLDI’s concept is that to provide the visitors with the opportunity of quick and convenient family shopping on the principle of “all in one place.” This is a new family-oriented format of shopping and leisure time.
Once you are here, it’s become possible to get everything for renovation, construction, and design. Besides, food, accessories, jewelry, and domestic appliances are available. After shopping, one can have a cup of flavored coffee or dinner in one of the cozy cafes. 
The mall’s total area is 21,000 sq. m.
The construction supermarket OLDI (9,000 sq. m) and national food store chain Silpo in a new Candy Shop design (3,000 sq. m) became anchor tenants. 
National mobile providers, the largest national beauty lab EVA, UkrGold jewelry chain, retailers of electronics Computer Universe and Yabko are among other tenants. 
The JYSK Ukraine, Danish household products retailer, with an area of over 1,200 sq. m and home appliances and electronics supermarket Eldorado.ua (700 sq. m) started working on the shopping center’s second floor. The MYplay kids’ store with hit toys occupied 275 sq. m, and Cubi with toys and stationery took 455 sq. m there. Food-court with a well-known Panda Banda and Pancake House is located nearby. 
The OLDI parking is capable of 230 cars.
For information on tenancy in OLDI, please contact Hanna Yatsenko, a_yatsenko@rda.ua.
Source: rau.ua