Metropolitan shopping center HIT MALL completes the pool of jewelry operators

The Ukrainian jewelry retailing’s leaders Ukzoloto, Zolotyi Vik, CJF, Aurum, and Sribna Krajina will work in the mall under construction in Kyiv. 
Press-service of the consulting company Retail & Development Advisor, which is a mall’s broker, reported to RAU that the leases with Ukrzoloto and CJF have already been signed. At the same time, lease agreements with Zolotyi Vik, Aurum, and Sribna Krajina are in their final stages of signing.
According to the report, the Zolotyi Vik’s store will occupy 75 sq. m at HIT MALL. The CJF’s (Capital Jewelry Factory) boutique will be located on the square of 61 sq. m, and the Ukrzoloto jewelry supermarket will take 42 sq. m. Two other outlets of the Aurum and Sribna Krajina brands will operate in the format of 12-square-meter and 6-square-meter islands, respectively. All of them will be located on the first floor of the mall.
“RDA focused on the leaders of the Ukrainian retail store while forming the pool of jewelry operators. In HIT MALL, our challenge is to create a quality tenant-mix of famous brands, well acquainted to the Ukrainian consumer. Ukrzoloto, Zolotyi Vik, CJF, Aurum, and Sribna Krajina trading networks are the leading market operators, and their involvement will make it possible to completely close the segment of jewelry in HIT MALL,” Project Manager of RDA, Anna Yatsenko comments. 
Commenting on the signing of a lease agreement for the premises to open the shop at HIT MALL, the Ukrzoloto network has confirmed its active development despite the coronavirus epidemic. 
“Now, the Ukrzoloto network has 157 stores in different regions of Ukraine and continues to scale the business. The crisis is the time for opportunities, and we intend to use them and strengthen our market position. In 2021, we will continue to open stores in the best shopping malls throughout the country to become even closer and more accessible for our customers,” Sergiy Yarmoliuk, Development Director in Ukrzoloto, says. 
Oksana Nazarova, Business Director in CJF, stressed that the shopping complex’s concept and location played a crucial role in the decision to open the shop at HIT MALL. According to her, HIT MALL will be located near a densely populated residential area. The developer estimates that more than 25,000 people live within a one-kilometer radius of the mall. Besides, the mall is located at the intersection of major traffic junctions that allows counting on high attendance not only on weekends but also on weekdays, which is particularly important during the period of quarantine restrictions. 
“The lack of high-quality proposal for commercial space in the area in general and the jewelry segment, in particular, is another strong argument. The HIT MALL opening, with many jewelry shops, makes it possible to close the neighborhood’s needs for buying jewelry. A professionally selected pool of tenants will allow all segment operators to count on high turnover through synergies,” Nazarova states. 
RDA also recalled that the grocery supermarket Novus would be the mall’s anchor tenant. “This retailer traditionally generates high traffic of buyers with the “middle plus” income and higher, providing other shop center tenants’ increased sales. From our point of view, all the factors mentioned above allow the jewelry operators at HIT MALL to display one of the best turnovers in the capital,” Anna Yatsenko adds.
(Reference) The shopping center HIT MALL is a four-level commercial complex under construction on Victory Avenue, 134/1, Kyiv. The site’s total area will be about 16,000 sq. m, and its leasable area will be 9,600 sq. m. Apart from the “anchor” food supermarket Novus, the mall will accommodate up to 80 shops, restaurants, and cafeterias. At the same time, a spacious shopping gallery with a modern interior, direct access from the metro station, and a parking lot for 180 cars will be realized at the mall. 
The HIT MALL construction began in 2018, and the facility’s commissioning will take place in spring 2021. 
For further information on tenancy in HIT MALL please contact Anna Yatsenko, Project Manager: 067 904 45 80, a_yatsenko@rda.ua 
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