Capital shopping center HIT MALL and Novus supermarket will open in May 2021


The Food Supermarket Novus has already started its premises’ adaptation in the shopping center HIT MALL. Other tenants can initiate renovation no later than in February. 
The Retail & Development Advisor (RDA) consulting company, a HIT MALL’s broker, reported this. According to Taisia Lytovchenko, the RDA’s CEO, the HIT MALL’s construction began in 2018. Now, the project is on its final stage.  Construction is proceeding according to the previously approved schedule. Interior finishing and landscaping of the adjacent territory have been already started. Hence, the developer has no intention in detaining commissioning. 
“Kyiv remains a prospective city in terms of retail property development.  The capital of Ukraine and its population grow fast. Still, Kyiv lacks high-quality commercial space, unlike many other European cities. Retroville’s experience is a case in point. It is filled with tenants very quickly, even despite the pandemic. That’s why we are sure of HIT MALL’s success,” Taisia Lytovchenko says. 
HIT MALL is a four-story shopping center in a densely populated housing estate in 143/1, Victory Avenue. It’s total area is 16,000 sq. m, while its leasable area is nearly 10,000 sq. m. 
The food supermarket Novus will become its anchor tenant. According to Julia Kharchenko, Director of the Novus Company’s Rent Department, the supermarket will take 2,450 sq. m. Generally, 80 stores plus restaurants and cafes will be located in the shopping center.
“HIT MALL is a district-specific medium-sized center. Hence, its tenant-mix will focus on meeting customers’ everyday needs. It will provide them with a wide range of fresh and high-quality products, working on the center’s ground floor. Other consumer goods retailers are planned to be deployed nearby. It comes to a pet store, pharmacy, drogerie-operator, and some service tenants,” Kharchenko comments.
The shopping center also involves those experienced brokerage companies having the retail market and space expertise to form the relevant pool of tenants. 
The RDA Company has already signed the lease with several jewelry retailers and telecom operators. Besides, it’s going to attract famous chains of household appliance stores, a large household goods retailer, some clothes and footwear stores, and gastro amenities.
“Both small cafes, diners, and restaurants should be presented in HIT MALL. We are negotiating with the leading restaurant networks. It’s crucial for us to provide the viisitors’ with the opportunity to acquire the necessary goods, drink a cup of coffee, snack, or have a proper meal and a good time in a restaurant. On the one hand, the retailers will provide convenience and allow getting extra services. On the other one, they can increase the customers’ stay time in the shopping center,” Taisia Lytovchenko explains.
The CEO of RDA adds that HIT MALL’a location will become a key benefit apart from tenant-mix. The shopping center is situated not far from Zhytomyrska metro station, one of the Kyiv’s main traffic interchanges, connecting the capital to fast-growing suburbs.  The average daily traffic is 140,000 people within the HIT MALL’s area, including the neighboring houses’ residents (24,000 people), metro station’s ridership, and Victory Avenue’s traffic.
The developer is going to provide direct access from the metro station, convenient runways, and parking lots for 180 vehicles to benefit from transit traffic. The company believes that HIT MALL’s excellent location, conception, and efficient logistic solutions will allows the tenants to get plenty of traffic and the highest turnover on weekdays and weekends.
Source: rau.ua