Retail & Development Advisor Attends VII Retail & Development Business Summit - 2019 - The Biggest Event of the Year for the Retail and Commercial Real Estate Market

On December 5, the 7th Annual Retail & Development Business Summit was held at KVP Parkovy.
This year, 26 speakers spoke at the event, representing various areas of the trade, development and b2b segments. All of them are renowned experts who are not familiar with all the nuances of Ukrainian retail: COO DeFacto Serdar Ersoy, founder of Street Food projects and Food Station Bay Roman Tugashev, author of Star Burger and Grill do Brasil restaurants Gennady Medvedev, CEO of Intertop Ukraine , Budhouse Group Chief Operating Officer Maxim Gavryushin, Kasta Co-Founder and CEO Andrey Logvin, A Development Commercial Director Daria Kukharenko and many others.
The title partner of the event was the network of VOVK clothing studios - # 1 among young Ukrainian clothing brands in terms of growth and customer confidence. Moneyveo - a service to help Ukrainians solve their financial issues "here and now" and River Mall - the new mall in 2019, have become official partners.
The Retail & Development Business Summit brought together the top personalities of key players in the retail and commercial real estate sectors, representatives of investors and financial organizations, consultants and manufacturers, as well as guests from near and far abroad - employees of such companies as Epicenter K, DeFacto, Silpo, Auchan , Megasport, ATB Market, LPP, McDonald's, Multiplex, Golden Age, SOVA, TSUM, Dream Town, Vodafone, Sushi Master, RDA, Multi Ukraine and many others. In total, more than 500 guests gathered at the event.
The final session was dedicated to the mall of Ukraine in the age of change. About the world trends in commercial real estate: redevelopment, reconceptualization and revitalization told partner Retail & Development Advisor, co-founder of the Association of Retailers of Ukraine Alexander Fialka.