RDA and VUSO integrated innovative insurance services in the jewelry shops Zolotij Vik

The consulting company Retail & Development Advisor (RDA) in close cooperation with the team of developers of the Zolotij Vik network introduced new insurance services for the Ukrainian market in the jewelry network.

As noted in the company VUSO, the services of insurance against the actions of third parties and the return of jewelry were introduced into the Ukrainian jewelry business for the first time. "This is exactly the case when all participants in the process have a profit. The client has the desired protection, the partner has an excellent service, which the market really lacked, and the company has the desired development," VUSO emphasized.

In turn, the RDA specified that new services have been implemented in most of the stores of the Zolotij Vik network in various cities of Ukraine. At the same time, the company considers the project extremely promising and plans to develop it in other segments of the Ukrainian retail market.

The Zolotij Vik company noted that they are always ready to consider and implement innovative products and services for buyers of the jewelry shops, so that the purchase becomes even more convenient and profitable.

We will remind you that earlier RDA, VUSO and the company Ukrzoloto developed and successfully implemented insurance services in the chain of jewelry supermarkets. Automation of the insurance process, legal support, staff motivation and marketing support were developed and integrated by Ukrzoloto specialists.

At the beginning of last year, RDA announced plans to intensify work on the integration of services and solutions in retail trade. Her first successful project in this direction was cooperation with the logistics operator Meest Express, whose services were integrated in more than 600 retail outlets across Ukraine in the shortest possible time.

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Source: rau.ua/novyni