RDA together with the specialists of the jewelry chain Ukrzoloto integrated new insurance services

Retail & Development Advisor helped the Ukrzoloto network to introduce innovative services for the Ukrainian market from the VUSO insurance company.
The RDA company implemented the relevant pilot project as part of the development of the integration of services and solutions in retail. As project manager Volodymyr Kovalenko noted, the company helped to integrate several innovative services for the Ukrainian market into the Ukrzoloto network:
  • Insurance for the loss of jewelry for any reason;
  • Refunds in case of return for any reason.

"The successful integration of new insurance services into the Ukrzoloto network became possible thanks to the symbiosis of efforts and constant proactivity of all parties to the process. The company VUSO is quite flexible and can adapt its services to the specific request of the client. In the future we plan to scale up the positive experience of implementing these services among other network players of the Ukrainian retail market," says Volodymyr Kovalenko.

"The company is always in a state of searching for the opening of new business niches, because it has significant experience in the implementation of retail projects. The "blue ocean" theory has not yet been exhausted in Ukraine, so innovative services and sales technologies still have significant potential. We hope that the new retail insurance services will be useful to consumers and partners. We will continue the search and implementation of the optimal model and the most effective parameters of the project: a clear product and a relevant price, customer-oriented positioning and service availability, a marketing component and simple sales technologies," the VUSO clarified.

The Ukrzoloto network, which was the first in Ukraine to implement the mentioned insurance services, emphasized that it is still too early to evaluate the effectiveness of the project and the company sees the main benefit in the differentiation of the marketing strategy and the improvement of service for its customers.
The RDA consulting company announced plans to intensify work on the integration of services and solutions in retail trade as early as early 2022. The company's first successful project in this direction was cooperation with the logistics operator Meest Express, whose services were integrated in more than 600 retail outlets across Ukraine in the shortest possible time.

For issues of cooperation contact the project manager Volodymyr Kovalenko: v_kovalenko@rda.ua, 063 821 60 24

Source: https://rau.ua/dosvid