RAU Expo – 2020

On 9-10 September, the IV largest specialized exhibition of the retail and development industry in Ukraine RAU EXPO 2020 will be held in the National Sports Complex “Olympic”.
Under the auspices of RDA, there will be a session "Reconcepts and trends. How the market of commercial real estate in Ukraine develops."
Alexander Krupka - a street-retail partner in Retail & Development Advisor.
The following topics will be covered during the session:
  • Tenant-mix renovation and management at the time of pandemic: only forward, not a step backward.
  • Effective management of the commercial units ’life cycle.
  • Reconcept, update, and development - Podolyane mall, Release 2.
  • Strengths and trend-generating offline case studies.
  • How online influences on the mall operating after lockdown (based on the study of the visitors in the Ukrainian shopping centers).