Retail Services: RDA will assist with in-store service integration

The consulting company Retail & Development Advisor (RDA) will deal with the integration of services and solutions in retail trade. The new direction of business was headed by the former manager of the Silpo and Novus networks Vsevolod Maiberov.

The first successful project of the new direction was cooperation with the logistics company Meest Express. In this project, with the direct participation of RDA specialists, Meest services were integrated in more than 600 retail outlets in the shortest possible time.

"In general, we participated in the integration of Meest Express mini-branches in 30 retail chains, such as KOLO, ISEI, Rukavychka, Aurora, Mobile Chips, One Price, Economy Market, Kopiyka, Blyzenko and others. At the same time, our main task was not just the physical launch of the new service, but its painless and organic integration into the operational work of the retail outlet, so that the new service complements the main business as efficiently as possible", - explains Vsevolod Maiberov.
According to him, the complexity of this work lies in the fact that each outlet, and even more so a separate network, differs significantly in terms of work format and business processes.
"In this regard, scaling the project using a standardized approach would be inefficient at the very least, and in the worst case, it could harm the operations of the stores. Therefore, when implementing the service, we carefully analyzed the format and processes of each store, chose the most effective location for the mini-department, prescribed a detailed plan down to the nuances of document management, and only then launched the project," Maiberov adds.
The specialist also draws attention to the fact that the opening of Meest mini-branches in stores often allowed not only to provide customers with a new service, but also to improve the performance of retail outlets. "In this project, the retailer receives a customer-friendly service that is in demand, commissions for receiving and issuing parcels, and can also count on an increase in traffic and turnover. In turn, Meest can scale the business more actively and becomes closer to its customers. Therefore, such collaboration is beneficial for all project participants, and most importantly - for the end consumer, who receives a convenient service in the immediate vicinity of the home," says Maiberov.
In turn, the director of the RDA company Taisiya Lytovchenko is sure that this project demonstrated the high interest of the market in trade and service collaboration, as well as the demand for similar services from the customers of stores. Therefore, the company is ready to expand the direction by integrating other services and services in Ukrainian retail.
"In this process, we can offer our help to both service and trading companies interested in expanding the list of additional services. With deep expertise in retail and commercial real estate, as well as an understanding of key retail processes and needs, we can efficiently implement almost any service in store operations: from insurance services to interactive lotteries. And in the near future we will be able to announce new projects in this field of activity," Lytovchenko emphasized.
It should be noted that last fall the RDA company also launched projects of complex support for logistics/warehouse and office real estate market players. Kyrylo Kravchenko was appointed head of office real estate projects at RDA, while Fedir Arbuzov headed the logistics segment. As the company noted, the launch of new areas and the involvement of specialists with unconditional authority in the Ukrainian market will allow RDA to take a leading position in consulting for all types of commercial real estate.
For questions about the integration of services and solutions in stores, please contact: v.mayberov@rda.ua, 099 900 59 72

Source: rau.ua