Parcels in the market: how KOLO chain store increases sales through collaboration with Meest Express

KOLO chain store and postal operator Meest’s collaboration allows these companies to scale business and increase sales dynamically. Meest’s mini-office already works on Rodnik gas station complex and soon will appear in Pchelka Market and Econom Market’s stores. 
The first 10 Meest’s mini-offices open and accept nearly 30 deliveries a day now. The postal operator pays approximately 6 hryvnias without VAT to the chain. During the first month of cooperation, KOLO visitors can receive and send parcels of up to 10 kg free between stores within the chain. The retailer can use free logistic services to move its goods and papers between its outlets. 
Postal mini-offices Meest will open in new KOLO shops first to redirect client stream and increase sales. According to the Meest company’s stats, the purchases grow in the shops where Meest mini-offices work. For example, 85% of receivers and senders make purchases in food shops, drogerie, and pharmacies, and 5% buys products in home appliances and electronics stores. 
Such a collaboration becomes possible due to the Retail & Development Advisor (RDA) consulting company, Meest’s exclusive agent for implementing this postal and logistics project in retail chain stores. It accompanies the parties at the signing stage, during the trial period, and after that. 
Also, postal mini-offices will appear in Pchelka chain stores, Econom market food stores, and others soon, thanks to the RDA company. 
“Retailers have to be very flexible and try to meet all their customers’ needs. Postal collaboration with Meest is a great opportunity to provide the buyers with an extra high-quality service, attract new clients without investments, and redirect customers to their stores. The approach is particularly relevant to those stores that need promotion, just opened, or haven’t met their targets yet,” Natalia Kolodiy, a project manager for its integration into chain stores in RDA, notes. 
For now, Meest partner mini-offices operate successfully in many networks: supermarkets Sim23 and Nash Krai, electronics store Zhuk, OKKO filling complex, Podorozhik pharmacies, and other retail networks. 
To join the postal and logistic project Meest, please contact +38(067)60 60 965, e-mail: n_kolodii@rda.ua.
Source: rau.ua