Double the Network in Two Years: How MasterZoo Scales Retail

The chain of pet stores MasterZoo continues its dynamic development. In the first three quarters of 2023 the company added more than 40 stores and plans to open new ones.
This was reported to RAU by the press service of the consulting company Retail&Development Advisor (RDA), which provides MasterZoo with services for finding and renting premises for stores.
“MasterZoo maintains the status of the largest national chain of pet stores, and we are happy to help it grow. In general, since the end of 2021 and taking into account the pause in development since the beginning of a full-scale war with the assistance of the RDA company 31 MasterZoo stores have been opened throughout Ukraine - from Kharkiv to Uzhhorod," says the manager of the RDA company Alina Abramtseva, who is responsible for cooperation with MasterZoo.
According to her, this year alone the company signed contracts for MasterZoo for more than 10 premises. In the near future, pet stores are preparing to open in Khmelnytskyi and Kalush (Ivano-Frankivsk region), and several more locations are in the process of approval.
In general, as the director of the MasterZoo retail chain Tetyana Pinska notes, in 10 months of 2023 the company opened 43 new stores and as of the beginning of November united 173 retail outlets. In addition, four existing retail outlets were reformed, the result of which was the introduction of the latest ideas in the field of retail pet products.
"In November we will open 5 more pet stores and by the end of the year - about 17. In this way we will reach the figure of 60 outlets per year. Next year we will not lose momentum. We plan to open at least a number of new pet stores in all regions of Ukraine (excluding the temporarily occupied territories) and simultaneously develop online trade, increasing its share in the overall market for pet products," says Tetyana Pinska.
RDA reminds that the company is actively looking for new premises to strengthen the representation of MasterZoo throughout the country. Among the main requirements are a location with high traffic, a renovated premises (preferably) and an area of 80 square meters or more. m to 120 sq. m. m. At the same time, the presence of a grocery "anchor" and other network players of the retail market will be an additional advantage.
You can contact RDA commercial real estate project manager Alina Abramtseva a_abramtseva@rda.ua, +380958347073 with offers regarding premises for opening shops
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