Near Bessarabka: what does the ATB store look like in Kyiv TVC Metrograd

The new ATB store was opened in a "black" format on February 8 on the street. Pavla Skoropadskyi, 4, in the Metrograd underground shopping center.
The opening of the store was the result of the third stage of the reconceptualization of TVC Metrograd, which began in 2020. The total area of ​​the new ATB exceeds 1330 square meters. m, the area of ​​the trading hall is almost 780 square meters. The consulting company Retail & Development Advisor acted as the broker during the signing of the lease agreement.

"The idea of ​​placing a food market in TVK Metrograd appeared in our company more than a year ago. We managed to involve in the project the leader of the Ukrainian retail market - the ATB chain, for which the opening in the heart of Kyiv was a logical step to consolidate the leading positions in the market. The retailer and the developer did everything in their power to make this discovery technically and technologically possible. Therefore we are sure that this cooperation will create an effective synergy between the FMCG operator and the already existing pool of tenants of the shopping center", said the director of RDA, Taisia ​​Lytovchenko.

The new ATB is located on the site of the Fountain Quarter. You can get to it in two ways - from Basseina Street and from the central block of TVC. Convenient ramps are installed at the entrance for people with disabilities. 

On the shelves of the store there is a full range of products of the chain, both own imports and products of ATB's own brands - TM "De Luxe F&G Selected", TM "Svoya Liniya", TM "Smart Choice". Over 4,000 SKUs in total. 

In the store you can make your own coffee and only then pay for it at the cash register.
For the convenience of customers the store is open 24 hours a day. There are 10 cash registers serving visitors in the new ATB market, six of which are located on the side of the central quarter of TVK Metrograd and four more on the side of the street Baseyna. At a separate cash desk online orders are served outside the queue. And another ticket office is intended for people with disabilities and parents with strollers.
According to Taisia ​​Lytovchenko, already at the stage of renovation customers were looking for the store, waiting for its opening. This in turn is a sure sign of an increase in the expected traffic to the shopping center. Metrograd itself expects a significant increase in the influx of customers and this should also affect the filling of other vacant spaces in the shopping center.
"The vacancy rate of TVC Metrograd today is about 8%. After the opening of ATB we expect an increase in traffic in the region of 10-15%, which in turn will allow us to quickly fill the empty spaces with new operators," says Iryna Kobzar, general director of the Ukrainian Innovation and Financial Company (manager of the capital's TEC Metrograd). 
According to the top manager ATB and TVC Metrograd went through a long and difficult negotiation process that lasted more than a year. The result exceeded all expectations, however due to the pandemic the situation with tenants is not easy. The mandatory introduction of cash registers for entrepreneurs complicates everything.
"80% of our operators are private entrepreneurs. We still hope that the process of introducing cash registers will go smoothly and most of the tenants will stay. In the future, we face the task of filling in operators of other product groups, which we do not have enough of or do not have at all," she adds. 

The first stage of the reconceptualization of the Metrograd shopping center took place in 2015-16. Then the company focused on the Ukrainian manufacturer. In the course of this project, high-quality and promising operators of clothing, accessories, leather goods, and souvenir products were involved in TEC. Later a project to build a new food court was also implemented on the territory of TVC. However due to the pandemic in 2020-21 development had to be partially suspended.

"Nevertheless we hope for an improvement in the situation in the economy of Ukraine and we will still finish the reconceptualization of Metrograd", - shares Iryna Kobzar.
Also, a Modna Optika store with an area of ​​40 square meters was opened next to ATB. m. You can choose lenses, frames or glasses from the assortment, use the consultation of specialists, undergo diagnostics and try on glasses. This is already the 17th store of the chain. Entrance from the street Baseyna.

Note that in 2021 the ATB chain opened 118 new stores and carried out a major renovation using modern European technologies in 61 stores in different regions of Ukraine. Thus compared to 2020 the total network of trading enterprises "ATB-Market" increased by almost 10% and currently amounts to 1,316 stores. The geography of the network's presence has also significantly expanded: currently ATB stores are located in 351 settlements in 24 regions of Ukraine.

Source: rau.ua