First in the city: LC Waikiki opens in the shopping center Dastor in Uzhgorod

Turkish brand LC Waikiki’s grand opening will take place on 25 August. The Retail & Development Advisor (RDA) Consulting Company became a broker when signing the rental agreement. 
The store has a new design and occupies 1,120 sq. m. “Uzhgorod opening was a priority, as we want to be represented in all regions. The Dastor shopping center is a primary commercial facility in the city; that’s why it was Dastor that we intended to rent,” Oleksiy Hryshko, the CEO of LC Waikiki in Ukraine, comments. 
The store presents a wide range of clothes for women, men, children, and babies, exclusive sports collections, and maternity clothes. You can find casual wear, business attire, and dress-up clothes. A new collection of the autumn season, school items, and accessories are already waiting for customers. The store will enrich its offers every week. 
“Dastor has been one of the best commercial facilities in the most western Ukrainian region for 15 years already. When such a famous international brand as LC Waikiki comes on the market, it will significantly increase offers for the entire Transcarpathia. In its turn, it will enhance traffic to the shopping center that welcomes over 15,000 visitors every day,” Taisia Lytovchenko, the CEO of RDA, noted. 
For now, the chain store plans to open shops in Odesa TEC Island and Kyiv TEC Respublika Park that have signed rental agreements recently. “The store in the capital giant will become the 50th anniversary with the largest area within the network. Besides, the company expands its presence in already implemented projects and develops mono brands like LCW Dream, LCW Home, and LCW Kids. They will work in Kharkiv, Kyiv, and Odesa pretty soon,” the CEO of LC Waikiki clarified. 
We recall that the Turkish brand LC Waikiki came on the Ukrainian market in 2013, and it has managed to become one of the largest clothes retailers in the country. The company has scaled its business rapidly and now, it has 46 outlets with a total area of 40,000 sq. m. The brand LC Waikiki was founded in France in 1985. The retailer has become a number-one chain in Turkey during this time. To date, the chain comprises over 1,100 stores in 51 countries. The company plans to increase the number of stores up to 1,500 and 1,000 outlets in Turkey and other countries, respectively. 
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Source: rau.ua