Meest’s main course for 2021: postal collaboration with retail chain stores

Retrieve in 60 seconds: how Meest’s postal collaboration with retailers develops.
It’s possible to get the delivery directly at 350 the multi-fuel service stations across Ukraine as a part of Meest’s postal-logistic services integration in OKKO. The project of Meest partner mini-departments has been already implemented in supermarket chains like Cim23 and Nash Krai, the tech shop chain ZhZhuk, some pharmacies, and other commercial networks.
As the press-service of Meest has informed RAU, the project of integrated mini-departments allows getting the package in the shop from hand to hand in just 60 seconds. For this purpose, it’s enough to show a barcode to a shop-assistant. 
“350 mini post offices and 22 self-service automated machines (SAMs) has been opened in the OKKO filling complex across Ukraine. We note the increasing demand and the number of customers that use the services of sub-post offices in the chains’ shops. It’s a great opportunity to develop the new and innovative service for our clients and partners,” Meest notes. 
The company specifies that the project allow serving deliveries up to 10 kg with a value of up to 35UAH. 
The Retail & Development Advisor (RDA) consulting company is an exclusive Meest’s agent for the implementation of this postal-logistic project. 
“Mentality, the customers’ habits, and needs change rapidly. Now, 50% of buyers present themselves as people that “plan their trips and purchases” compared to 25% at the beginning of the pandemic. That’s why the world retailers change their focuses and offer goods and services that entirely meet their customers’ one-stop-shop needs,” Natalia Kolodiy says, a project manager for integration in the commercial network in RDA. 
According to her, the project is planned to develop in the retailing chains. “This is just like the package fall into the shelves of supermarkets, she explains. In this way, the commercial chain can provide its customers with extra high-quality service and attract new clients without investments. It’s 5–6 times more to attract new customers than keep the already existing ones. Besides, such postal-logistic projects implementation provides increases in turnover by at least 5% and allows redirect the customers to the shops. This service ensures more traffic and extra income of 6 UAH for each package averagely. This is particularly crucial for stores that need promotion, just opened, or has not kept pace with their plans.
Over 2,500 Meest mini post offices work in Ukraine. Ready-to-use, well-established, and rapidly implemented business solutions help put collaborations into practice. Educated stuff and its support, a clear timetable for packages’ delivery, and RDA as a trustworthy partner also play the role.
Test these post offices in some of your stores to ascertain their efficiency, and your customers will be grateful.
For more information about sub-post offices contact +38(067)60 60 965 (Tel/Viber/WhatsApp), n_kolodii@rda.ua.
Source: rau.ua