Internet-based meeting “Retail market and mall recovery. Trends and projections”

Taisia Lytovchenko, CEO of Retail&Development Advisor is among the speakers of RAU-webinar “Retail market and mall recovery. Trends and projections”. 
The theme of the online meeting:
  • What is the current situation in the market? Terms and scenarios for the retail market and mall recovery. Are there requests from the new renters and a willingness to evolve?
  • The projections for new outlets, vacancy, and rental rates in the short and long terms.
  • What should new projects do at the final stage of construction? How will things go with the bank financing of real estate development projects?
  • Whether there will be entertainment in malls? Will the formats change? Examples from countries that have gone or are going out of quarantine.
  • How did pandemic influence the operational costs of owners and parent companies of malls? Case studies of optimization.
  • The latest trends in the commercial real estate market of Ukraine. What is already notable, and how will the market change? 
  • How has the investment appeal of the segment and investor activism changed? What are   the dynamics of rates of capitalization and investment expected in the period 2020 –2021?