OLDI Will Build a New Shopping Center near Kyiv

The construction hypermarket OLDI and the grocery supermarket will be the new mall’s anchor tenants in the village of Novy Petrovci in Vysgorod district, Kyiv region.
According to the Retail & Development Advisor Consulting Company’s (RDA) press service, which is the mall’s exclusive broker, the facility’s commissioning is planned for December 2021. The shopping center will be built on an area of about 4 hectares in Novy Petrovci village, Vysgorod district, Kyiv region. Apart from the construction of the mall, the developer intends to set up a large car park and an additional traffic interchange for a convenient stop at the mall.
“The new mall’s conception will be similar to the Zhytomyr shopping center recently implemented by OLDI. The construction hypermarket OLDI and grocery supermarket will become the anchor tenants. Besides, household and DIY shops, the retailers of household appliances and electronics, a drogerie operator, a pet store, a pharmacy, a dry-cleaning, and a restaurant will replenish the pool of tenants. In this way, the maximum range of goods and services will be presented in the mall to meet the visitors’ daily needs,” Yevgen Vvedenskyi, the OLDI chain’s co-owner, comments.
According to him, the mall’s total area of Novy Petrovci will be nearly 26,400 sq. m, and the area of the premises for rent will be more than 22,000 sq. m. The OLDI hypermarket (18,000 sq. m) and the grocery supermarket (5,300 sq. m) will occupy the largest area.
“In recent years, Kyiv suburbs have been extensively developed, and the population is growing rapidly, requiring housing and meeting its daily needs. Therefore, the concept of a shopping center with large operators in the form of construction and food anchors will be 100% in line with the target audience’s expectations from our point of view. That’s why the object has already attracted the retailers’ increased interest,” Taisia Lytovchenko, Director RDA, adds.
She also notes that FMCG operators are increasingly looking at the possibilities of developing suburbs because of the increasing competition and the capital market growth, especially since there is a clear shortage of quality food stores in some localities. Under these conditions, FMCG retailers are keen to be the first to enter the free markets to get ahead of their competitors and obtain better locations (for example, the Novus supermarket with an area of 2,000 sq. m has opened in Novy Petrovci this year).
Given its good location, large area, and synergy with other retailers, RDA predicts that the product anchor in OLDI can count on a better position compared to nearby FMCG operators. “We have several qualified applicants for this location now. Therefore, the company will announce a tender shortly and invite other companies of the Ukrainian FMCG-retail market to participate, revealing the optimal product anchor for the mall,” RDA specifies. 
The company recommends contacting Anna Yatsenko, Project Manager, for further information on tenancy in the mall, a_yatsenko@rda.ua, 067 904 45 80.
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