The KOLO retailer sets up shops in the A-class business center behold the power of the wind

The food retailer KOLO has signed a lease agreement to open the shop in the capital business center Parus. 
The Retail&Development Advisor Consulting Company has become a broker at signing the Rental Contract. It informs that the opening of a new store is scheduled for early August. It is located in Mechnikova Street, 2A with a total area of 54.2 m2 and a retail space of 51.4 m2. Two cash desks will work to serve customers. 
“The opening of KOLO in the business center Parus is a landmark event for one of the most dynamically growing Ukrainian retailers. This store will become the first commercial facility on the territory of the A-class business center. We are sure that the KOLO’s format is completely relevant to the business center Parus’ target audience and will meet its current demand for FMCG-goods and the food-to-go segment. Besides, the convenient location on the first floor in the business center’s lobby will be able to provide the retailer with high traffic and maximize its sales from a square meter,” Taisia Lytovchenko, CEO of Retail&Development Advisor, has commented on the agreement.
“The work of the food market Parus in business center Parus allows increasing the level of comfort of our renters. Time is the most crucial resource in today’s world, and the consumer appreciates the nearness and affordability of goods and services. That’s why the opportunity to acquire food and other essential commodities right in the business center will become an important element of customer services development”, Ksenia Galagan, the Head of Rental Department has added.
In turn, Yevgen Kulinich, CEO of the KOLO retailer, has specified that the assortment will present near 1,200 SKU. “In particular, people will be able to buy coffee, bakery, confectionery, dairy products, sandwiches, snacks, alcoholic, and non- alcoholic beverages. Besides, the customers can order pizza and coffee to take them away and use the vending machine for preparing fresh juices,” Kulinich said. 
According to him, the company continues the fast expansion of its commercial network in parallel with the opening of the business center Parus. The retailer is going to open 15 more objects shortly. Apart from Kyiv and tertiary cities, KOLO plans the window for a new region. It deals with Odessa, where the company intends to open two stores already in June.
Let us remember that KOLO was founded in 2017. Now, it contains over 140 stores in the Kyiv region. The retailer opened 53 new shops last year and now, it is at the top three of the Ukrainian FMCG-retail market due to its fast development. Only ATB-market and Volwest Group (Nash Krai and Spar) overtake KOLO.