"The younger generation refers to shopping in a different way" - Alexander Fialka

Alexander Fialka, managing partner of Retail and Development Advisor and Ukrainian Association of Retailers, in his column said that:
- successful and mature retailers demonstrate the growth of turnover;
- international retailers coming is a marker of the country's entry into a large civilized society with the prospects of long cheap money;
- the younger generation is less committed to brands and traditional shopping.
The maturity of the Ukrainian retail market has come. Existing retailers are very balanced in development plans and they assess the prospects of sales before the store opening. Not mature ones have sink in 2008, and in2013. Trade turnover is growing and rental rates are rising proportionally. Who canbe considered a mature retailer? You can make a review of Ocean Plaza and "Gulliver" retailers and their rotation. I would say that those, who keep working there are successful.