Gold Miners Market: The Silpo network Has Opened a Designer Shop in Rivne

The new Silpo supermarket started working on December 10 in Zlata Plaza, the Rivne shopping and entertainment center.
According to the retailer’s press service, the supermarket was designed in the style of gold miners, as the mall’s name suggests. The company specified that the retail floor space takes the area of 870 sq. m. Besides, according to Retail & Development Advisor Consulting Company, which acts as a broker at the signing of the lease agreement in the mall, Silpo’s total rental area is more than 1,600 sq. m.
The installation of a man with a golden heart and the magical spirit in the person of a dwarf with a book about the gold mines’ history will welcome the guests at the entrance. This solution allowed the company to realize many exciting ideas and even decorate the ceilings that are only 2.47 m high. One can find bars of gold and diggers for its mining in the shop. 
The walls finish stylized to a mine, a lot of wood and, of course, gold is among the main decor elements. The carriages move above the fruits and vegetables. There’s a golden calf next to the meat section. Mini-performance was also created in the store, meaning the lanterns on the gold seekers’ helmets transmit a special message to guests - #silpolovesyou.
Apart from the traditional assortment, the retailer has presented many in-house manufactured products. It comes to pizza from their oven, salt and smoke-dried fish, and meat after the 21-hour fermentation process that takes place in a sealed dry-aged closet. Besides, you’ll find a bakeshop and bakery decorated with the installation Golden Hands. 
As Alexander Overchuk, the Director of mall Zlata Plaza told to RAU, the new shopping facility became the first designer Silpo supermarket in the Rivne region. “In defining the concept, we considered the mall’s name, the shop location on the ground floor, and the association with our region. Given all factors, a joint decision was taken to implement the theme of Gold Hunt. This is an innovative format for our region, ranging from product range, interactive design elements, and all modern technologies used in food retail,” Overchuk says. 
According to him, Silpo is an absolute leader in the supermarket category in Ukraine, having an area of more than 1,500 sq. m and being one of Europe’s most innovative food chains. When deciding to accept this tenant, Zlata Plaza’s management analyzed how non-food retailers operate in other malls, despite various grocery supermarkets. “From the data obtained, it became apparent that professional retailers were working in synergy with the new format of the retailers, resulting in the tenants’ high turnovers. Our goal is to unite the best retailers under one roof to meet the customers’ needs. The new Silpo is another step towards its achievement. We expect positive synergies between operators once the supermarket will be open, as a result of increased customers’ loyalty to the mall, and all operators’ turnovers’ growth,” Overchuk adds. 
Let’s remind that Furshet has been working as the Zlata Plaza’s food anchor for ten years. It closed the store shop because of the end of the rental contract that allowed the supermarket Silpo’s involvement in the project. According to Taisia Lytovchenko, the Director of Retail & Development Advisor, the retailer has been in negotiations for about two years. It signed the deal during the spring quarantine showing that both parties believe in this project’s success. 
“The agreement between Silpo and the mall has become possible, among other things, thanks to a developer’s wise decision regarding fit-out for the supermarket. The rent agreement provided that the lessor would partially compensate for repair and finish money consumption. This once again confirms the developer’s reputation as a reliable partner and one of the most professional players of the real estate market in Ukraine,” Lytovchenko noted in her comments for RAU.
At the same time, Zlata Plaza, the managing company, is already planning new improvements in the mall. In December, 10 shops will open in the cash-register area, Megasport and Sinsay of the new formats with an area of 570 sq. m and 900 sq. m, respectively. The developer is actively working on the current operators’ relocation to increase their sales. In this way, the renewed Budynok Igrashok and Chicco appeared in November. The children's entertainment center Leopark’s territory was halved and the area under the restaurants was increased. The latter will open on the third floor in early 2021. 
“2020 proved to be a very fruitful year for Zlata Plaza. We hope to renew about 50% of the rent area, as a result. In spring 2020, our mall was ten years old, and this is the right time for active changes and renewals. The ground floor’s renovation is not only a new supermarket, but also a complete redevelopment, replacement of engineering communications and their modernization, new design, and lighting. This can be considered the beginning of the mall’s renovations, which is planned to be fully renewed until 2023. The speed and flexibility of changes in tenant mix will be one of the determinants of the mall’s success, given rapidly changing consumer trends,” Alexander Overchuk summarizes. 
Reference. Silpo is one of the largest national grocery store chains in Ukraine, founded in 1998. In December 2020, it comprises 2273 supermarkets, including 4 delicacy-markets Le Silpo. It is a part of the Fozzy Group, one of the largest business groups in Ukraine.
Zlata Plaza is a shopping and entertainment facility in the center of Rivne. Its total area is 17,500 sq. m, and the rental one is 12,500 sq. m. Such famous Ukrainian and international brands as LC Waikiki, McDonald’s, Brocard, ССС, Golden Age, Estro, Budynok Igrashok, Chicco, Pandora, Prostor, Allo, Luxoptika, etc., are among its commercial operators. 
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