A catnip for guests: the first McDonald’s in Khmelnytskyi appeared near the future TEC

The grand opening of the first in the city’s world-famous fast-service network became a momentous occasion for locals. Moreover, the location will become even more attractive next year after the unique sports and entertainment center Temp’s opening. 
The first in the city McDonald’s started working at the crossroads of Piece Avenue and Starokostiantynivske Highway in Khmelnytsky in late August. Such a usual event for people from big cities became a momentous occasion for city development. Of course, it generated over 100 workplaces for staff, plus cooperation with service companies and supplies that also have their significant workforce. Besides, the appearance of McDonald’s proves real region’s prospects from the point of view of international operators. It also ensures the opportunity for further investment attraction and city beautification. 
A new one-story facility with a total area of 450 sq. m contains 114 guest places inside and 170 ones on the summer terrace. McDrive and McDelivery services also work. There is a playground for kids on the terrace. Five self-service terminals are installed in the restaurant. The checkout zone is divided into two parts for order and delivery, and personnel can bring food to a table.
The hall is designed in a typical McDonald’s eco-style with wide use of natural materials, picture windows, convenient passes, and clear navigation. 
Alexander Symchyshyn, the Mayor of Khmelnytsky for five and a half years already, visited the restaurant. He commented on this significant event for the city. “This is an outstanding event for Khmelnytskyi, and several moments prove this,” the Mayor noted in his comment to RAU, “First, this is an important image component since a world-class McDonald’s doesn’t come to immobile cities. This opening proves grand players’ interest in our city. Second, pragmatically speaking, it is about 120 workplaces for young people who won’t go abroad but will earn money and pay taxes here. Finally, related branches will develop, meaning delivery, taxi, public utilities, transport, etc.”
Besides, Alexander Symchyshyn emphasized that McDonald’s opening in this city is an important step towards a new location development, known under the conventional name “Arboretum zone.” As the Mayor said, the shopping and entertainment center Temp within walking distance of the new restaurant will become another element of the development of this location. “We explore opportunities to combine bicycle, foot routes with public transport lines between the most densely-populated areas of the city in this zone,” Mr. Symchyshyn added, “In this way, we’ll create another center of the city life.”
Such ambitious plans have reasonable grounds. Right now, increased construction activity is carried out to build new eponymous sports and entertainment center not far from the first in Khmelnytsky MсDonald’s, in the place of a non-functioning plant Temp. 
Let us remember that TEC Temp will be realized in the format of sports outlet and occupy near 30,000 sq. m, from which 18,00o sq. m will be leased. Apart from a commercial component, a new sports complex, tennis courts, children’s educational center, and a family restaurant are going to appear. A-class offices will occupy a significant part of the area since its lack is acute in the city. 
As Mykhailo Gvozdyov, the project owner, told to RAU, TEC Temp’s main feature is its dramatic difference from classic shopping and entertainment centers. “I think that classic TECs are outdated. Now, a conception of a complex approach rather than exclusively shopping and entertainment centers is in higher demand,” he believes, “More locations should be built and well-appointed to allow people to spend quality time”. 
That’s why TEC Temp’s owners decided to wager on sports and entertainment development. “We plan to build gyms on the roof,” the businessperson says, “We’ll also create two indoor tennis courts and children’s educational center with intellectual fun.” Interestingly, the project doesn’t imply a classic food court but only an Italian family restaurant.
Setting up a range with the gun store in the basement of the complex is another unusual and ambitious project.  
Of course, other niches will be present in Temp apart from its sports component. For example, the opening of the city’s largest supermarket with the unique conception of the luxurious format and the area of 2,000 sq. m is planned. In addition, Mykhailo Gvozdyov notes that it will differ from other Khmelnytsky stores with design, a wider range of products, and better goods quality. 
Also, stores will focus on sports goods rather than the typical mass market. “Rigorous selection is ensured,” TEC’s owner stresses, “We want to create two stories of quality clothes from the leading brands in the format of “sports-outlet.” Although casual brands’ presence is also possible.”
The service cluster with banks, notaries, lawyers, dry cleaners, personal services, etc., will be located in the part with A-class offices. It is expected to be something like a business hub that allows Khmelnytsky and regional companies to develop their businesses through cooperation, contacting each other, and making decisions.
According to Mr. Gvozdyov, McDonald’s opening in this location is another proof of the area’s prospects since it is at the crossroad of the busiest streets of the city. “They analyzed traffic and chose this place for opening. Thus, we can ensure that customers won’t miss the future TEC Temp. On the contrary, it will become an extra magnet for local people,” the entrepreneur summarizes. 
At the same time, potential tenants are looking at the complex, learning the opportunities of their stores’ presence in it. “Our company is interested in cross-sectional commercial facilities like the future shopping center Temp. There are no stores in Khmelnytsky yet. That’s why McDonald’s opening indicates the importance of our presence in this region,” Oleksiy Silin, the Head of Development in the chain of sports supermarkets Marathon, noted.  
The chain of food stores, Tavria B, may become one of the anchor tenants of the complex. It has been significantly strengthened on the regional market in quite some time. Denys Popovychenko, the Head of Development in the company, told to RAU that five Tavria B stores work in Khmelnytsky to the end of August 2021. Moreover, the retailer is going to open as many again. “The shopping and entertainment center Temp is among those locations we are interested in,” the top manager added, “The city features average completion among food operators. Therefore, we can attract customers with new offers. Of course, the pandemic and lockdowns have hit the people’s purchasing power, but the demand is gradually recovering.”
The new TEC Temp is professional and conceptually different from other Khmelnytsky projects. Its appearance will become another marker of the region development,” Alexander Fialka, a partner of the Retail & Development Advisor Consulting Company and an exclusive broker of TEC Temp, pointed out, “This is the only shopping and entertainment center in the city that provides its guests with enough number of parking lots also available for McDonald’s visitors.” The expert also stressed that a significant demand on rental space from large, world-renowned chain operators will ensure the future TEC’s timeliness and relevance. 
“We believe that Temp will become a favorite place of local people to spend quality time and starts its work within the stated time frame,” Alexander says, “From our side, we guarantee high-quality tenants with the widest range of goods.”
McDonald’s opening served to emphasize once again prospects of the location, where TEC Temp is situated, meaning the intersection of Starokostyantynivske Highway and Peremoga Avenue. It will become another factor to motivate locals and guests to visit this area. Once they are here, they will definitely come to TEC Temp, in particular since it is only stepping away.
For more information on tenancy in the shopping center Temp, please contact Natalia Bortnik, n_bortnyk@rda.ua, 063 999 24 97, and Hanna Yatsenko: a_yatsenko@rda.ua, 067 904 45 80
Source: rau.ua