Lockdown in Kyiv: stores will lose 85-90% of sales

Even those shops that haven’t come under limitations, won’t be able to avoid challenges: supermarkets and large malls’ sales halve. 
Kyiv lockdown’s limitations leave only the Internet as a single sales channel for retailers. However, their amount will allow replacing losses only to a minimum. Even businesses outside limits face problems. Those working in large shopping and entertainment centers also lose more than 50% of sales. 
Andriy Zhuk, a co-founder and chairman of the Association of Retailers in Ukraine (RAU), told about this.  The decision on intensified quarantine was announced two days before it has become final. Of course, this fact will have a negative effect on retailers.
“A person outside retail can hardly imagine the amount of discarded fresh-group products in supermarkets that work in malls and have lost many customers because of their closure,” the expert notes. 
He recalled that the current intensified quarantine has become the fourth in a year. Apart from the first one in 2020, there was a “weekend” quarantine last November and the post-New Year lockdown in January.
Source: ubr.ua