Logistics operator Meest Poshta plans a significant network expansion in Ukraine

Ukrainian logistics operator Meest Poshta plans to increase the network of its own specialized post offices in Ukraine by almost three times in 2023, as well as to double the number of partner points for sending and receiving parcels.

Viktor Kuchma, the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Meest Post, notes that the company's priority remains the quality and reliability of the service for millions of its customers, as well as the convenience and availability of services.

"In this context, both the work of transport logistics and a comfortable network of branches near the place of residence or work of customers, including automatic stations (postal machines), are important. In order to meet the expectations of our consumers, we are planning a significant expansion of the network in Ukraine. The company plans to unite 230 of its own specialized branches, more than 5,000 partner points and about 675 post machines in cities with 1 million+ citizens by the end of this year," says Viktor Kuchma.

According to him, despite the full-scale war and the crisis phenomena in the economy caused by it, the company managed not only to maintain its own positions, but also to gain a new impulse for development. According to the top manager of Meest Post, this was achieved due to the arrival of professional managers in separate areas, constant search for ways to improve efficiency and persistent work to improve the level of service.

The partners of the Meest Post company in Ukraine believe that the logistics operator manages to work successfully in the highly competitive market due to other factors. Andrii Lototskyi, CEO of the Retail&Development Advisor (RDA) consulting company, believes that the company's management knows how to set priorities correctly, focus on improving its own competencies, and competently engage outside specialists to perform non-core tasks for the business.

"In cooperation with RDA, the Meest Poshta company was able to significantly expand the representation of partner points in retail in previous years, and now we are involved in the search for premises for the opening of the logistics operator's own branches. We are actively looking for locations in Kyiv and regional centers of Western and Central Ukraine. Among the main requirements for premises are the first floor, a good facade, the accessability for the trucks for loading and unloading parcels, as well as an area from 30 to 60 square meters", says Andriy Lototskyi.

Viktor Kuchma notes that cooperation with Retail&Development Advisor allows the company not only to focus on improving operational activities, but also to intensify business development.

"RDA has always been a reliable partner. Due to its professional approach, excellent reputation and well-established relations with the players of the Ukrainian retail market, the company was able to quickly increase the network of Meest Poshta partner offices in Ukraine. And now it helps us in finding premises for our own specialized departments. Among the most recent agreements is the signing of lease agreements for locations in Ternopil and Sofiivska Borshchagivka, which fully met our requirements," adds the chairman of the Supervisory Board of Meest Poshta.

In his opinion, the development of the Ukrainian postal and logistics market in the near future will be facilitated by a further increase in the share of online trade, which will compensate for the temporary outflow of consumers. And after the end of hostilities, the return of forced migrants to the country and the start of the process of active recovery of the country, we can expect a significant growth of the postal transportation market. "However, no matter what the external conditions are, the most effective companies on the market will be those companies that prepare a solid foundation in advance in the form of a widely represented network and a high level of service," sums up Viktor Kuchma.

Source: rau.ua/novyni