The RDA Company attracted 10 new retailers to the TEC HIT MALL

In general, the Retail & Development Advisor Consulting Company leased almost 1,000 sq. m in the shopping and entertainment center HIT MALL. 
The RDA Company became a broker when signing rental agreements with jewelry brands like Golden Age (75.15 sq. m), Capital Jewelry Factory (60.81 sq. m), UkrGold (42.17 sq. m), Silver Age (island). RDA also was a conciliator in signing a contract with the Luxoptika optical store that occupied 50.5 sq. m.
Besides, two footwear retailers and several drogerie operators opened their stores in TEC, facilitated by advisors from RDA. The main footwear retailer’s store Intertop occupied 141.8 sq. m, while German footwear brans Rieker took 98.24 sq. m. The area of the largest drogerie chain in Ukraine is 172.17 sq. m. Miniso has 119.45 sq. m, and ProStor – 172.17 sq. m. In this way, the total area of commercial spaces rented through RDA in TEC is nearly 1,000 sq. m.
“The UkrGold chain store has been expanded up to 175 objects across Ukraine after its new store’s opening in the shopping center HIT MALL. The store presents trendy jewelry for each day and exclusive events, according to the brand’s concept,” Sergiy Yarmoliuk, the development director of UkrGold, commented on a new outlet’s launch. 
In her turn, Oksana Nazarova, the Marketing Director of CJF, empathized a crucial role of the conception and TEC’s location for making the decision on their store’s opening in HIT MALL. According to her, TEC is situated at the point of several traffic interchanges’ connections. It means, they can count on a high attendance on weekdays and weekends. 
“The developer estimates that over 25,000 people live within a kilometer from the shopping center. We are ready to meet locals’ needs in quality jewelry,” Nazarova noted.
As Hanna Yatsenko, the project manager in RDA has informed, TEC’s occupancy was 80% at the time of its opening on 12 August. 
“There are just a few free commercial spaces for now: one of the lots is on the first floor, and two others are on the second floor. We plan to attract household goods retailers on the second level, encouraging them to work in synergy with JYSK. 279 sq. m of free space are at their disposal,” Yatsenko added. 
We recall that a four-story shopping center HIT MALL is located at 134/1 Peremoga Avenue, near Zhytomyrska metro station. The object’s total area is 16,000 sq. m, and its rented commercial space is 9,600 sq. m. The food supermarket Novus is its anchor tenant, occupying 2,450 sq. m. Alliance-Ecoproject is the project’s developer, and the Retail & Development Advisor (RDA) Company acts as a broker. 
Source: rau.ua