The RDA company took part in the workshop "Commercial real estate market during the war"

On March 9, the Retail&Development Advisor company took part in the workshop "Retail real estate market during the war", which was held by the Association of Retailers of Ukraine.
General Director of RDA Andriy Lototsky made a presentation "Section of the situation in retail and shopping malls in the context of the specifics of regions and influencing factors." He named the main trends and gave an assessment of the main factors and the degree of their influence on the conditions of rent in different regions, and also showed the dynamics of retail results depending on the geography of the country.
In addition the speaker drew the attention of those present to new solutions and opportunities for the relationship between retail and shopping centers. In particular, the popularity of pop-up retail outlets and the signing of annual contracts to reduce retail risks and increase shopping center occupancy.
The participants of the event were representatives of such companies as Allo, Auchan, Foxtrot, Rozetka, Silpo, EVA, MasterZoo, Good Day Pharmacy, ANC, iStudio, Usupso, ECO-market, KFC, VM Technika, Arricano Real Estate Plc, WR Group, Respublika Shopping Center Park, BFK Gulliver, Retroville shopping center, Piramida shopping center, Sky Park shopping center, Cosmo Multimall shopping center and others.
Thank you to the Retail Association of Ukraine for the invitation and the opportunity to communicate offline.