The RDA company offers innovative solutions for retailers

Retail & Development Advisor (RDA) will assist with the integration of new insurance products for retailers and their customers.
Now the company is ready to offer at once three innovative products for the Ukrainian market, which are implemented in partnership with the insurance business. Including:
  • Insurance for loss of purchase for any reason. In this case, the client can apply for insurance compensation in case of loss, theft or robbery within the period stipulated by the insurance contract.
  • Product damage for any reason. The product provides compensation in the event of product failure for any reason that does not apply to warranty cases. At the same time, a mandatory condition for reimbursement is the return of the damaged product with the purchase receipt.
  • Returns for any reason. The customer has the right to return the product for any reason and receive monetary compensation, provided there is no damage, compliance with the characteristics stated in the certificate, and the presence of a receipt.
The company is already negotiating with a number of Ukrainian retail chains that are interested in new insurance services. According to project manager Volodymyr Kovalenko, the fashion, jewelry and optics segments are particularly interested in the new services of the network.
"This is due to the fact that such insurance products have not yet been available in these markets, so their introduction will give retailers additional competitive advantages over other players. Through the implementation of these services, retail chains will provide additional service to their own customers and will be able to count on both an increase in the level of loyalty and an increase in turnover," Kovalenko explains.

At the beginning of the year the consulting company RDA announced plans to intensify work on the integration of services and solutions in retail trade. The company's first successful project in this direction was cooperation with the logistics operator Meest Express whose services were integrated in more than 600 retail outlets across Ukraine in the shortest possible time.

For issues of cooperation, contact the project manager Volodymyr Kovalenko: v_kovalenko@rda.ua, 063 821 60 24

Source: https://rau.ua/novyni