Hit opening: the capital TEC Hit MALL will open on 12 August

A four-story shopping center will be opened for visitors on 12 August in 134/1 Peremoga Avenue in a densely-populated housing estate. 
The construction started in 2018. Now, the object’s total area occupies 16,000 sq. m, and its rental zone is 9,600 sq. m. The UTG Company and the Alliance-Ecoproject developer created the conception. HIT MALL is a small-scale district-specific shopping center. That’s why its tenant-mixed will target customers’ everyday needs. The Novus food supermarket will be an anchor tenant, occupying nearly 2,450 sq. m on the first floor. Other retailers with daily necessities will be located near Novus. It is about pet shops, a pharmacy, a drogerie-operator, and a row of services. Generally, nearly 80 stores, restaurants, and cafes will operate in the shopping center. 
So, the Retail & Development Advisor (RDA) Company, the object’s broker, signed rental agreements with several jewelry brands, the optical store, footwear retailers, and some operators from the drogerie & beauty segment. 
Apart from tenant-mix, location is one of the strongest advantages of the shopping center HIT MALL. It works not far from Zhytomyrska metro station, one of Kyiv’s main traffic interchanges that connect the capital with a fast-growing countryside. The average daily traffic here is over 140,000 people, including the residents of the neighboring houses (24,000 persons), the metro station’s ridership (36,000 persons per day), and traffic along Peremoga Avenue. The developer is going to arrange direct access from the metro station, convenient runways, and parking for 108 vehicles to use transitional traffic efficiently. “Good location, the shopping center’s conception, and effective logistic solutions will allow tenants to reach high attendance and turnovers on weekdays and weekends,” Taisia Lytovchenko, RDA’s SEO, believes.
Source: rau.ua