Hits in Zhytomyrska: how a new Kyiv TEC HIT MALL looks

The Novus supermarket occupies almost 2,500 sq. m, has roof parking, and contains nearly 80 operators. So, let’s see how a new capital four-story shopping center HIT MALL looks, and which retailers will rent its areas. 
A four-story shopping center HIT MALL opened in 134/1 Peremoga Avenue, Kyiv on 12 August. The object’s total area is nearly 16,000 sq. m, and 9,000 sq. m are rental. The UTG Company and the Alliance-Ecoproject developer created the conception. With just a few meters from Zhytomyrska metro station, HIT MALL has entrances from the avenue and metro station that allow reaching it right from the platform. 
According to Alexander Fialka, the Retail & Development Advisor Consulting Company’s partner, a new district shopping center’s tenant-mix caters to locals’ everyday needs. “The developer managed to see the location’s potential and open the object that completely corresponds to local customers’ demands. This is a 100% success since the occupancy of the shopping center was over 80% at the time of opening. The rest of the lots are under repair, and they will open on short notice,” Alexander said. 
The food supermarket Novus of nearly 2,450 sq. m was an anchor tenant of a new shopping center near Zhytomyrska metro station. The store started working at 11 am on the minus first floor of the shopping center. A ribbon-cutting ceremony, entertainment program, and special promotions followed the opening. A new supermarket traditionally presented gastronomy, pastry, ready-to-eat homemade food, grille, and smoke products. All ready-to-use dishes are from the brand Maistry Smaku. 
Generally, 22 line checkouts, 8 self-service cashboxes, and the info-terminals to buy coffee and snacks work for visitors. In this way, the network actively develops a popular “to go” trend, when it’s convenient to eat anywhere, whether it is about the part near the shopping center or in the Vasyl Stus Square nearby.
You can enter Novus right from the underpass in Zhytomyrska metro station. Citrus (345 sq. m), Golden Age (75 sq. m), UkrGold (42 sq. m), and Capital Jewelry Factory (61 sq. m) served their first customers together with Novus.  Intertop, Rieker footwear stores, EVA, Prostor operators from the drogerie & beauty segment, Luxoptica, Allo, Miniso, Roshen, and some other operators also opened their doors. 
The food court started working with the opening of Lviv Croissants and the INSIGHT COFFEE coffeehouse. Still, you should wait for Puzata Hata and Pesto Café since Ukrainian and Italian restaurants will open shortly. Besides, the English Home store and a row of other tenants will be opened soon. Generally, nearly 80 stores, restaurants, and cafes will work in the shopping center. 
The Foxtrot store has been located on the second-floor, left to a central escalator. An omnichannel retailer’s new commercial object became 24th in Kyiv, expanding the Ukrainian network up to 165 stores. The design corresponds to the network’s brand format but has unique features based on the area’s layout. Digital gadgets like smartphones, laptops, tablets, video equipment, accessories, and small appliances are the main commodity groups. 
The Danish chain store JYSK is nearby. One can buy Scandinavian style products, including garden, home, furniture, lounge sets, textile, and decorations. It’s also possible to choose items for sleeping, meaning bed linen, mattresses, and pillows. Sales consultants will recommend the best possible models. 
The shopping center is located at one of Kyiv’s main roundabouts. According to RDA, the object’s broker, the average daily traffic here is nearly 140,000 people, including residents of the nearest houses (24,000 people), passengers from the metro station (36,000 people per day), and traffic from Paremoga Avenue. There is parking for 148 places and 50 more on the roof near the shopping center. 
Source: rau.ua