Black fall for retail

To work with restrictions or not to work at all? It would seem that the answer is obvious, but it is not so simple in practice .
The red zone will apply on 15 regions since 1 November, including Kyiv. Shopping centers, retail, and restaurants can accept and serve only vaccinated guests. The red zone has been already applied on several regions since 16 October. So, two weekends have passed to summarize the first results.  
The decline in traffic doesn't always mean falling sales. Confidence in the future is a foundation of purchasing power. However, the mood to make purchases drops to zero when incidence grows, and new restrictions appear. 
TECs report traffic throttled by 30%−50%, and retail shows 80% falling sales in some categories. And an interesting story began, meaning rental agreements. Misunderstanding is inevitable despite professionalism and partnership. Lessors are slow to decide anything. However, all parties have to negotiate and come to terms sooner or later. 
In this way, authorities attempt to raise the number of vaccinated people by means of businesses to offset their failed PR campaign and terms of delivery. And this is regardless of businesses' efforts to help the country! Over 100 points of vaccination are opened in TECs across the country, and more than million people has been vaccinated. 
Source: biz.nv.ua