Andriy Lototskyi, RDA: Concepts and locations of new shopping centers in Ukraine (presentations)

Very soon, there will be four more shopping malls in Ukraine. They should open in 2025 and the first quarter of 2026. What will make them unique and what will ensure a large traffic of people.
Andrii Lototsky, CEO of the Retail&Development Advisor consulting company, spoke at the RAU Expo, which took place on September 5-6, on the topic: "Concepts of new shopping centers, their uniqueness and competitive advantages." RAU selected the main points from this story.
Temp shopping center (Khmelnytskyi)
Where it is located: Prospekt Myru, 99/2 A.
  •        5 floors.
  •        GBA: 36300 sq. m.
  •        GLA: 26500 sq.m. m.
  •        Parking for 285 parking spaces.
Advantages of the location
The shopping center is located at a busy traffic intersection (direction Kyiv and Vinnytsia). The Arboretum "Podillia" is also located nearby, which is one of the most popular places for family recreation of Khmelnytskyi residents and residents of the region. And nearby is the first and only restaurant of the international chain McDonalds in the city.
This area is also densely populated: 31,000 people live within a radius of 1 km, 148,000 people live within a radius of 5-10 minutes, and 283,000 within a radius of 10-20 minutes (the population of Khmelnytskyi region, including nearby settlements). Such a busy location will provide the shopping center with a large traffic of people.
Uniqueness and concept
The Temp shopping center is unique in that it will have modern class A office premises (6,500 sq. m) with high-speed elevators and individual access, and the height of the floor with panoramic windows is 3.8 m. There will also be a panoramic restaurant (1,500 sq. m) on the roof of the shopping center and two large indoor tennis courts (1000 sq m) with professional surfaces, comfortable changing rooms, showers and a cafe. A co-working space (650 square meters) with high-speed Internet, high-quality lighting and comfortable places to work is also provided.
Warshawsky Shopping Center (Ternopil)
Where it is located: Podvolochyske highway.
  •        4 floors.
  •        GBA: 46,900 sq. m.
  •        GLA: 33,000 sq.m. m.
  •        Multi-level parking for 500 parking spaces.

Advantages of the location
It is located at the busiest intersection and on the border of the most populated areas of the city - Canada, East and Sunny. International highway M 012 (Stryy-Ternopil-Kropyvnytskyi-Znamyanka) passes next to the shopping center. Also, accessibility from the airport - 3 minutes by car (2.5 km), from the bus station - 10 minutes (5.8 km), from the railway station - 10 minutes (3.4 km), from the city center - 14 minutes (4, 3 km).
So the primary coverage area is up to 30,000 people (visits every day), secondary – 150,000-220,000 (once a week), tertiary – 250,000-300,000 (twice a month), quaternary – 350,000-500,000 (once month).
Uniqueness and concept
The uniqueness of the shopping center is the integration of the city bus station (3420 sq. m.) with 4 platforms and the shopping center itself. Most of the routes will be transferred from the central bus station here. That is why a passenger flow of about 5,000 passengers per day is expected. Moreover, the location is made in such a way that almost all traffic will be in the shopping center itself.
The mall concept also includes a supermarket (3,360 sq. m), an entertainment center (2,220 sq. m), a cinema (2,950 sq. m), a gym (1,300 sq. m), a rooftop (2,750 sq. m) open air and designed for the season spring-autumn
The mall is very bright and comfortable - wide aisles (8-9-12 meters) and many escalators.
Shopping center Kvartal city (Lviv)
Where it is located: 313 Shevchenko St.
  •        4 floors.
  •        GBA: 51,300 sq. m.
  •        GLA: 22,500 sq.m. m.
  •       Multi-level parking with 354 parking spaces and underground parking with 220 parking spaces.

Advantages of the location

Shopping center with the most convenient location for residents of Ryasny, Ryasny-2, Ryasno-Rusky, Ivano-Frankivsk and the nearest agglomeration. It takes 16 minutes by car (7.7 km) from the railway station, 12 minutes (6 km) from the Bryukhovychy station, which is served by a suburban train, and 22 minutes (9.6 km) from the city center.
Uniqueness and concept
The only professional and format mall in the north-western part of Lviv. It will include offices (2,450 sq m) and an IMAX cinema (3,400 sq m).
Family mall shopping center (Stryi)
Where it is located: Bolehivska, 2.
  •        2 floors.
  •        GBA: 26 1000 sq. m.
  •        GLA: 14,200 sq.m. m.
  •        Underground parking - 240 parking spaces, surface - 135 parking spaces.
Advantages of the location
Stryi is one of the main and largest transport hubs in western Ukraine. International, European, national and regional highways pass through the city. Trains to Prague, Vienna, Belgrade, Zagreb and Venice go through the railway station. All city and intercity routes are concentrated in front of the shopping center area, that is, all buses and minibuses will take customers to the doors of the shopping center.
Also next to the mall is the city park of Shevchenko, which will be reconstructed in a single concept with the sports arena, and the traffic of the park zone will be integrated into the traffic of the mall.
An important point is the proximity of many resorts - Morshyn (12 km), Zhydachiv (28 km), Drohobych (29 km), Skole (39 km), Truskavets (40 km) and Slavske (67 km).
Uniqueness and concept
Family mall is the first large-scale project in the west of Ukraine, which has a single large entertainment center for children. Therefore, parents will take children here on the weekend so that they can have fun, and bus traffic will bring them right to the door of the center.
Also, a professional sports arena and a construction hypermarket will create a shopping hub for a wide range of visitors.