November 7 Retail & Development Advisor Attends Business Breakfast on Key Legal and Business Issues in Ukrainian Retail

The Association of Retailers of Ukraine noted the growth of the retail market, as evidenced by a 10% increase in retail turnover in 2019 and an increase in the consumer sentiment index to 2007 levels. According to a study by Colliers International, the high competition in the commercial real estate market is forcing developers to open a new format shopping mall and to reconfigure commercial properties. In 2019-21, the new supply of retail space should be more than 650 000 square meters. m, reaching a maximum of 10 years. These factors pose new challenges for the retail and real estate market players, who must determine their growth, attract investment, new forms of engagement with consumers and the promotion of their products.
ADER HABER: LAW, RETAIL & MORE 2.0 is an annual business breakfast for participants of the retail and commercial real estate market, which ADER HABER holds together with the Association of Retailers of Ukraine in the framework of exclusive legal partnership.
Topics of the event:
  •  Attraction of investments and credits for the retail market.
  •  Key Trends: Important macro and market indicators that bankers take into account when lending.
  •  Key Factors Affecting Lending Decisions.
  •  Legal Casuistics of Mortgage Property: What is Important to Understand When Getting a Loan.
  •  Alternative sources of financing for retail business.
Competition, Marketing and Law:
  •  Digital calls in FMCG.
  •  What you need to know about the new rules for food labeling.
  •  Monitor compliance with advertising laws.
  •  Counterfeiting and Counterfeiting.
  •  New sales formats.
  •  Features of competition in the market.
Retail real estate:
  •  Fire inspections: what is important to know about the new regulation.
  •  DBN: important to everyone.
  •  Lease of retail space - areas of potential conflict: the conclusion of leases, negotiations and contracts - the view of tenants.
Olga Lukyanova, Head of Legal, Compliance Officer at Henkel Group in Ukraine.
Miroslav Hnidka, Head of Merx Group Legal Group, Attorney.
Halyna Golyachenko, Head of the Retail Group Legal Division.
Yuriy Petrenko, Managing Partner of ADER HABER, lawyer.
Alexandra Fedotova, partner of ADER HABER, lawyer, Ph.D.
Dmitry Nikolov, lawyer of ADER HABER.
Jaroslaw Lagan, lawyer at ADER HABER.