The RDA company was headed by Andrii Lototskyi

The Retail & Development Advisor (RDA) consulting company has reorganized its management structure by introducing the position of CEO.
This post was taken by Andriy Lototskyi known for his work in the management positions of leading Ukrainian retailers - Zoloty Vik, Union Group, Argo Retail and Allo.

"The creation of the position of CEO is due to the new stage of the company's development and the need for deeper involvement of the manager in its activities. The CEO will be responsible for operational management, team development and implementation of the company's long-term strategic plans. I am confident that Andrii Lototskyi, thanks to his professionalism, impeccable reputation and recognition on the Ukrainian retail market, will not only bring new knowledge and competences to RDA, but will also bring the company to a new level of system and efficiency", commented the appointment co-founder and partner of Retail & Development Advisor Andrii Zhuk.

According to him, the values ​​of the company, its team and customers, such as professionalism, mutual respect and focus on maximum results, fully coincide with the management principles of the new CEO.

Andrii Lototsky's professional career is closely related to the Ukrainian retail market. He started working in the retail industry in the Allo network (from 2004 to 2013), where he worked his way up from the store director to the director of the group of branches in the Western region.

In 2013 Andriy joined the Golden Age team. Here, he spent most of his career as the sales director of the Western region of the jewelry chain (2013-17), but at the same time he also launched the Polish market and managed the Zloty Wiek Poland company, in particular the Silver Land and Brilliant brands.

In 2017 he joined the management team of the Union Group holding, which unites a number of retail assets in Ukraine. And in 2019 he was appointed commercial director of Argo Retail, which represents in Ukraine world-famous fashion brands Benetton, Liu Jo, Scotch&Soda, Desigual, Mango, Parfois, Lee Cooper and others. In addition to commercial and operational activities his areas of responsibility also included management of distribution, retail network and online trade channels.

For the past two years Lototsky worked in the B2B segment, holding the position of commercial director of the company Inspe, which specializes in sales of the premium segment of dental materials, devices and equipment. Andriy himself believes that he will be able to effectively use the acquired managerial experience in the B2B sector and retail trade in the RDA consulting company, most of whose clients are concentrated in the retail industry.

"Knowledge of retail from the client's side makes it possible to better understand the needs of our partners, and therefore to establish interaction more effectively, provide services with a deeper understanding of needs and processes, and help develop more dynamically and qualitatively. Among my primary tasks at RDA will be to expand cooperation with existing partners and create a basis for launching new projects based on already existing demand. We are also planning the development of the company through new directions and expansion of the range of consulting services," said the newly appointed CEO of Retail & Development Advisor.

In turn Andriy Zhuk added that in the conditions of a full-scale war in the country and the economic recession caused by it, the company managed to adapt to the needs and requests of market players. Now it is ready to start a new stage of development, part of which will be the development of Property Management areas and the integration of services and solutions for retail.

Source: https://rau.ua/personalii