Change of Anchor: New Design Silpo Will Appear in TEC Zlata Plaza in Rivne

The shopping and entertainment center Zlata Plaza in Rivne replaces the grocery anchor tenant. A new design supermarket Silpo will open here instead of the Furshet store. 
Silpo will take the Zlata Plaza’s ground floor. The new supermarket’s area is going to be 1,615 square meters, and the store’s launching is tentatively scheduled for December of this year.
The CEO of Zlata Plaza Alexander Overchuk has specified that the grocery anchor’s replacement is consubstantial with the end of the rental contract with the supermarket Furshet that a developer has collaborated successfully with for the last 10 years. Zlata Plaza has been following several anchor tenants to attract. Having analyzed different market forces, it resolves to sign a contract with the Silpo chain. 
“In our view, Silpo is composed of a number one supermarket in Ukraine with an area of more than 1,500 square meters. Besides, it’s one of the most innovative supermarkets in Europe. We were looking for a project that would be unique. Now, we are confident that the first store of the new-formatted chain in the Rivne region will create the target audience’s additional interest in our TEC. The individual thematic design of the store, high service level, a wide range of goods, advanced technologies in the field of retail, and social responsibility are the main engines of our decision. For our part, we are grateful to the partners who trust this project and have decided to open their stores in our TEC,” Alexander Overchuk says.
In her turn, the CEO of the RDA Company Taisia Lytovchenko notes that the agreement between TEC Zlata Plaza and the Silpo chain has been signed during the quarantine, proving that both parties share the belief in success. According to her, the negotiations on Silpo’s deploying in the territory of Rivne TEC were carried out throughout two years. The project developer’s professional approach has allowed attracting one of the best grocery chains to Zlata Plaza.
“The agreement between Silpo and TEC has also become possible thanks to a wise developer’s decision on fit-out for supermarkets. A new rental agreement stipulates that a lessor partially offsets the cost of the store’s repair and finish to the grocery operator. This reaffirms the developer’s reputation of a credible partner and one of the most professional players on the commercial real estate market,” Lytovchenko claims.  
At the same time, the CEO of RDA is sure that the agreement with Silpo will have positive consequences for TEC’s key indicators. The operating company predicts the increasing visit pace and guests’ stay due to the opening of a supermarket in a unique format for the entire region. 
“Silpo might compete successfully with both shopping-at-home stores and major supermarket retailers in the categories “medium” and “medium+.” The client’s profile will change since we’ll get more visitors that are ready to pay extra for the impressions, high-quality service, and a variety of goods. In this way, we can count on not only the current average check’s growth in the supermarket but also on our other renters’ increases in turnovers,” Alexander Overchuk adds.
Note: Zlata Plaza is a shopping complex in Korolenko Street, 1, in the center of Rivne. Its total area is 18,000 square meters, and the rented one is 13,000 square meters. Such famous Ukrainian and international brands as LC Waikiki, McDonald’s, Brocard, ССС, Budynok Ihrashok, Chicco, Pandora, Cosmo, Allo, Luxoptika, Arber, etc. are among its renters. 
Silpo is one of the largest national grocery chain retailers founded in 1998. As at June 2020, it comprises 262 supermarkets, including four delicacy-markets LeSilpo. The retailer falls under the industrial group Fozzy Group that develops such chains as Fora, Thrash!, Fozzy C&C, and others.