During the quarantine period, the metropolitan grocery chain Kolo opened seven new stores

The capital's chain of grocery mini-markets KOLO Stores has opened SEVEN NEW SHOPS during the quarantine period and does not plan to slow down the pace of development. Because right now, having a store a few steps from home is a top priority for people.
KOLO consciously treats the situation in the country due to the coronavirus and complies with all the requirements of the Ministry of Health. For employees of shops bought all necessary means of individual protection: gloves, masks which they use without fail. The network pays special attention to hygiene and sanitation: surfaces are disinfected every four hours, wet cleaning is carried out several times a day, and antiseptics for customers are installed in the cash area.
The highest priority for KOLO is to support citizens, provide them with fresh products and provide quality service. Therefore, the network introduced a number of promotions and additional services. In particular, during the quarantine period, prices for dairy products were reduced in all mini-markets. Also in test mode launched a service of online orders and free delivery of products for residents of the residential complex "Comfort Town". For this purpose, a separate website www.kolo.plus was created, which works as a full-fledged online store. In several more stores of the network launched a service for ordering products by phone with the subsequent possibility of self-pickup at a convenient time for the buyer.
The KOLO chain of stores tries to respond quickly and adapt to new realities and customer needs in order to be even more accessible and closer to its customers!